Difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 adjustable speed drives

The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000? Many Eaton customers call or email asking “what is the difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000?” There is only a small difference between the two drives other than a letter and the price. The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 is that the SPX9000 is used for applications with speed feedback and the SVX9000 is used on general purpose applications that do not need speed feedback.

Eaton’s SVX9000 adjustable frequency drive has sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit. Sensorless vector technology allows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. The SVX9000 is suitable for multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications.

The SVX9000 Series Adjustable Frequency Drives are specifically engineered for todays commercial and industrial applications. These drives continue the tradition of robust performance, and raise the bar on features and functionality, ensuring the best solution at the right price. SVX9000Features include: Startup Wizard, seven built-in applications, local/remote button, modular design, text display, and the following:

  • Ease of use:Startup Wizard, seven built-in applications, local/remote button, modular design, text display
  • Space-saving design:Compact design, open NEMA12 option, onboard I/O expansion provisions
  • Efficiency:Built-in 3% line reactor, EMI/RFI filter standard
  • Rugged and reliable:High overload (CT) and low overload (VT) rated, robust time-proven design, durable metal power section, brake chopper circuit.

SPX9000: difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000

Eaton’s SPX9000 drives are designed specifically for high-performance applications. They feature high processing power and the ability to use information from an encoder or a resolver to provide precise motor control. In addition, a fast microprocessor provides high dynamic performance for applications where good motor handling and reliability are required.

  • Sensorless vector and simple frequency control are supported.
  • The drives can be used in both open loop applications and in applications that require encoder feedback.
  • The SPX9000 supports fast drive-to-drive communication and an integrated data logger functionality.
  • Simultaneous fast monitoring of several drives can be done using the 9000X drive tool and CAN communications.

The main difference from the two products is that the SPX9000 can run motors with speed feedback (i.e. encoder or tachometer). The SVX9000 does not have the ability to run a motor with speed feedback. So if the application requires speed feedback, SPX9000 is the solution. If no speed feedback is needed, the SVX9000 is the solution.

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