MotiFlex E180 ABB Servo Drive – Product Overview

The MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive delivers versatile motion control performance, capability and dependability to power machine innovations. Flexible connectivity with Ethernet and motor feedback technologies is highly integrated and optimized for demanding motion applications. With the MINT WorkBench PC tool you can quickly and easily customize the drive to the exact control requirements of your machine.

The MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive delivers capability and performance you can depend on. It combines Ethernet technology, advanced multitasking programming and safety as standard. The MotiFlex e180 can operate from 200 to 480 V AC three-phase with motor RMScurrent range from 3 to 50 A servo duty. Ethernet and motor feedback interfaces are fully integrated and optimized for demanding motion applications.

Metal Forming and Converting Machinery

The metal industry sets high requirements for motion control. In applications such as pressing, bending, laser cutting, drilling or polishing the motion control system must perform well in tight tolerance levels and changing inertia loads. MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive adapts to various roles in different metal forming and converting machinery.

  • Dynamic control for rotary and linear servo motors with up to 300% overload modes
  • Highly integrated connectivity to various feedback devices as standard and dual feedback to eliminate mechanical errors
  • Real-time communication over Ethernet ensures optimal machine performance

Textile Machinery:

The textile industry requires high dependability, throughput and performance in harsh environments exposed to dust, humidity and high temperatures. Typically textile machines operate 24/7 with high production speeds and big volumes. An unwanted interruption of a machine turns quickly to big losses in production. MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive provides dependable performance, accurate speed and tension control to textile machinery such as winding, reeling, spinning, dyeing, stretching, weaving, knitting, finishing and printing.

  • The drive can be used for stand-alone single axis control, in centralized systems for multi-axis control or as the master drive controlling other drives
  • Highly integrated and flexible feedback device connectivity as standard, including rugged resolvers and precise encoders

Plastics Machinery:

  • Plastics machinery requires versatility from motion control. From high starting torque in extrusion to high speed and tension control in winding, and high accuracy and dose control in injection and blow molding.
  • Versatility and flexibility are key attributes for the MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive
  • A broad operation range with continuous currents up to 90 A, and overloads up to 300%
  • Real-time Ethernet connectivity enables high precision and quality of end-products
  • Highly integrated connectivity to various feedback devices comes as standard, including robust resolvers


Packaging applications, over wrappers and vertical form fill seals, demand high throughput and repeatable quality of product with minimum downtime. MotiFlex e180 ABB servo drive features high performance servo control for dynamic motion, with tightly integrated Ethernet control and feedback devices to match the machine needs of precision and resilience.

  • Safe torque off (STO) as standard eliminates costly power cycles, with immediate restart in the event operators open machine guards
  • High speed registration inputs provide precise registration of product and label for high speed labeling

ABB designs motion control solutions to power machine innovations. From servo motors and drives to complete systems with programmable logic controllers (PLC), motion controllers and safety technology, ABBs offering is designed to scale and integrate seamlessly to different machines, providing dependable performance, high process quality and productivity. ABB engineers work together with machine builders in a broad range of industries to know what it takes to succeed in this dynamic world of motion control.

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