Industrial Vibration Analysis Services

Precision Electric offersvibration analysis services to the industrial manufacturing industries across the midwest. These services consist primarily of collecting data designed to trend equipment performance. Scheduled data collection of this sort exposes deteriorating conditions and allows the scheduling of maintenance prior to equipment failure and forced downtime. With timely mechanical maintenance, you can prolong equipment life and prevent catastrophic failure.

Industrial Vibration Analysis Services:

  • Vibration Institute-certified Category III Vibration Analysts
  • vibration condition monitoring and diagnostics in accordance with the requirements of ISO/FDIS 18436-2
  • routine predictive maintenance programs (PMPs) – quarterly, alternate month, or monthly
  • onsite assessment of capital equipment
  • onsite balancing of rotating equipment
  • three sets of CSI vibration analysis equipment
  • programs that can be designed to support ISO and QS 9000 programs

Precision Electric has offered these services for over 25 years. To learn more about our vibration analysis services please contact us via email or telephone.

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Lenze AC Tech TechLink Basic Inverter Configuration Software

Many customers of Precision Electric inquiry about Lenze-AC Tech SMV communications modules, and Lenze SMV communications software.

Lenze-AC Tech TechLink is the software that is designed for use with SMV inverters, and TechLink is a free download. TechLink is a simple to use commissioning software package specifically for the Lenze-ACTech range of sub-micro drives where by it provides:

Simple connectivity

  • Easy to use parameter editing
  • User friendly way of uploading, downloading and saving parameter settings.
  • Control a drive from a virtual panel.
  • View online diagnostics.
  • Unlocks the full potential of the EPM programmer

Supported devices :
During installation the computer will prompt to enter a license key. Use one of the following keys to enable products as listed below:

Lenze branded devices
License Key: TL125.19.4144

  • SMD
  • SMV
  • TMD
  • TML
  • EPM Programmer

AC Tech branded devices
License Key: TL125.19.4112

  • MC/MCH
  • QC
  • SCD
  • SCF
  • SCL
  • SCM
  • SMV
  • TCF
  • EPM Programmer

These drives communicate via RS-485 ModBus, so you would need the Lenze SMV RS-485 Modbus communications module part # ESVZAR0. Additional literature for Lenze/AC Tech communications modules can be found here.

You would also need a device to convert USB or RS-232 (from your PC) to RS-485. The converter device can be found here.

If you need additional support for any Lenze-AC Tech communications products, contact me via email or telephone.

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Custom Industrial Control Cabinet Design & Manufacturing

We’ve Been Servicing the Industrial World Since 1983.

Minimize Your Downtime. Maximize Your Productivity.

Call Toll Free: 1.877.625.2402

For more than 27 years Precision Electric, Inc has been a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of custom control panels. We specialize in retro-fitting equipment for customers with obsolete and non-efficient equipment using the newest available technology.
Our dedicated engineering and manufacturing staff can design, build a solution, provide comprehensive field installation and start-up services, and support for a wide range of industries.
Products range from simple operator stations to multi-door control cabinets for production equipment. We also provide application specific design and build of industrial computer and PLC machine control systems. Our order volumes range from one-of-a-kind assemblies to multiple units.
Field Services:
Precision Electric provides a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and technical support services to the industries we serve, including:
On-site engineering, installation and commissioning
Custom report writing and field documentation
PLC programming and custom software
And more

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Industrial Manufacturing Infrared Thermography Services

Infrared inspections provide a means to view systems (electrical, mechanical, building envelopes) under normal operating conditions to identify abnormally hot (or cool) areas or components. This is a powerful maintenance tool. In many instances, equipment failure is preceded by a period of increasing heat. This is especially true of electrical equipment.

With infrared thermography you can identify overheating electrical connections and other machine components, scheduling repairs to be made during planned downtime. This increases reliability and productivity for the entire operation.

This thermogram shows a loose connection of the lug on incoming power supply. Operating equipment with loose connections can
cause many problems, some damages could be un-repairable

Financial Savings

  • Fewer interruptions while in operation mean more uptime and greater productivity.
  • Equipment problems are fixed before they fail and damage or destroy the rest of the machine.
  • Identifying developing problems and planning the repairs results in fewer panic situations, those costly predicaments that force excessive overtime and monetary premiums for emergency rush equipment orders.

This thermogram shows a loose fuse clip that needs tightened or replaced. Loose fuse clips could lead to serious equipment damages.


  • An industrial process that runs reliably and without surprises produces a safer work environment. Many industrial processes are complex and run at high speed. A sudden failure on one machine can have a cascading effect of failures that may include flying debris.
  • Fire avoidance. Overheated electrical connections can start fires. You may have heard of a fire in your area that it was caused by faulty wiring. This means many things including bad design and overloaded circuits. It also commonly means a bad electrical connection that was overheating and was not found in time.

Other advantages of thermography:

  • Shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared
  • Able to find deteriorating: (higher temperature components prior to their failure)
  • Measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods
  • Non-destructive test method
  • Locate defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts

Call Precision Electric, and schedule infrared thermography services to prevent unnecessary damages to your industrial equipment.

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