Sullair Drive Repair

Sullair drive repair has over the past decade become a cost-efficient way to reduce drive replacement costs while extending the overall lifetime of Sullair drive products. Today manufacturers around the globe within a wide range of industries are finding more ways to apply drives to their rotating equipment. From past experience, smaller horsepower drives typically fail in eight years and are more often replaced rather than repaired. Larger horsepower drives last longer by virtue of repairs that often require replacement of circuit boards and other electrical components. After bearing the cost of two or three replacement boards in any one VFD drive, the user often realizes that the drive should have been junked sooner.

Sullair drive repair is common for Sullair service centers, manufacturers, and others using Sullair drive products. Sullair drive repair is preferred by Sullair service centers and other Sullair drive users because Sullair product replacement is more expensive than drive repair. Most industrial manufacturing repair centers do not have the capabilities to offer Sullair drive repair, and that creates few alternatives for Sullair drive users who experience drive failure and drive faults. Sullair offers repair services for their drives with extensive lead times at premium pricing and most Sullair drive users cannot afford downtime with extensive lead times nor do these users prefer to pay premium repair prices.

Precision Electric saves Sullair drive users thousands of dollars by repairing failed Sullair drives. Precision Electric has also saved Sullair drive users in downtime by repairing Sullair drives in less time than it would have taken Sullair to replace a non-stock drive. Sullair drive repair is an asset to manufacturers and others who use Sullair drive products. Precision Electric uses the most advanced testing equipment for all Sullair drive repair, and Precision Electric repair technicians have hundreds of years of combined experience in testing and replacing Sullair drive components.

To learn more about Sullair drive repair or for Sullair drive repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

ABB SREA-01 moves from Classic Life Cycle to Limited Life Cycle

ABB SREA-01 moves to Limited Life Cycle

As of November 17, 2017, the ABBSREA-01 has been moved into the Limited life cycle.
As of November 17, 2017, the ABB SREA-01 will be moved into the Limited life cycle. The SREA-01 will follow the drive life cycle management model. No future enhancements or firmware changes will be made to this product. Unfortunately there is no replacement for the SREA-01. It will continue to be in limited cycle until the product is no longer available and could change without notice. Technical support will still be available on the ABBSREA-01.As the leading supplier of variable frequency drives, we are prepared to provide world-class support. We look forward to assisting you in this transitional phase and each subsequent lifecycle phase. The ABB SREA-01 will be in the Obsolete life cycle phase once the Limited life cycle phase expires.ABBs lifecycle phases are defined as follows by this graphic representation:The ABB life cycle management model is designed to manage an orderly transition to new replacement products or to choose from various lifetime extending services. Since there is no replacement for the ABBSREA-01, please contact Precision Electric for alternate solutions. At the same time the model ensures access to continuing support for our customers. In Limited phase no more firmware updates or enhancements will be available. For ABB repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric at 574-256-1000 or by email at [email protected]  

Nema Enclosure Ratings and IEC Protection Codes

There are two widely used standards for enclosure ratings. Nema enclosure ratings were created as the national standard for enclosures in the United States. Nema enclosure ratings were established by NEMA (National Electric Manufacturer Association). The international standard for enclosures was established by IEC (International Electric Codes).Below are the standard Nema enclosure ratings for electrical equipment and IEC codes; both showing each of their descriptions. Manufacturers tend to offer electrical equipment in a number of different Nema and IEC enclosure ratings for safe operation in various environments. In todays international trade world, both standards are widely mentioned on a single product. (Example: NEMA 4X / IP 65). The most common Nema standards followed by IEC codes are shown below:Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 1 are constructed for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access tohazardous parts and to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingressof solid foreign objects (falling dirt).Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 12are constructed (without knockouts) for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosureagainst ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and circulating dust, lint, fibers, and flyings); to pr ovide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (drippingand light splashing) and to provide a degree of protection against light splashing and seepage of oil and noncorrosive coolants.Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 3R are constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure againstingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt); to pr ovide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effectson the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow); and, that will be undamaged by the externalformation of ice on the enclosure.Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 3RXare constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid for eign objects (falling dirt); to pr ovide a degree of protection with respect to harmful ef fectson the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow); that will be undamaged by the externalformation of ice on the enclosure that provides an increased level of protection against corrosion.Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 4are constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure againstingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and windblown dust); to provide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hosedirected water); and, that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.Nema Enclosure Ratings Type 4Xare constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure againstingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and windblown dust); to provide a degree of protection with respectto harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water); that provides an increased level of protection against corrosion; and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.IP Codes – IEC RatingsIEC outlines an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, fingers, dust) and moisture. This classification utilizes the letters IP (Ingress Protection) followed by two digits (example: IP 64).          The first digit indicates the degree that persons are protected against contact with moving parts (other than rotating shafts) and the degree that equipment is protected against solid bodies intruding into an enclosure.The second digit indicates the degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against harmful entry of various forms of moisture (i.e. submersion, dripping, spraying).To learn more about Nema enclosure ratings, visit either the Nema Websiteor IEC Website. For equipment repair and replacement quotes, call Precision Electric


Commissioning ABB ACS550 Drives – Basic Startup Guide

Commissioning ABB ACS550 drives with the attached guide and ACS550 user manual is suggested by ABB. The ABB ACS550 product line includes hardware that ranges from small wall mountdrives (1 Hp) through large floor mounted units (550 Hp). NEMA 1, NEMA 12, andNEMA 3R enclosure types are available. Both scalar and sensorless vector motorcontrol are supported.The drive can run either as a speed regulator or as a torqueregulator. The drive comes standard with 8 selectable macros.The drive includes standard hardware support for Modbus RTU communication. Inaddition, support for 6 other standard field buses are optionally available.The attached guide for commissioning ABB ACS550 drives will show two basic startup configurations.

  • ABBStandard macro with scalar motor control.
  • PID Controlmacro with sensorless speed vector control.

Implementation of communication is optional. This document provides setupinformation for both hardwired control and fieldbus control. Only genericcommunication setup information is provided in the attached guide for commissioning ABB ACS550 Drives.For more information on the ABB ACS550 or for additional documentation, visit the ABB Website. Call Precision Electric for ABB ACS550 Repair and Replacement Quotes.

ABB ACS850 Reaches End of Lifecycle – Now replaced with ACS880

ABB ACS850 drives have reached the end of their lifecycle. ABB is offering a last time buy option on the ABB ACS850 before they transition over to Classic products. The last time buy option for frames A D is October 20, 2017. ABBACS850 drives will make the transition from ACTIVE products to CLASSIC products on December 31, 2017; deliveries will also stop at this time.After October 20, 2017 spare ACS850 drives will not be offered for sale from ABB. If you want spare ACS850 drives, place your orders with Precision Electric by October 20, 2017. Standard warranty applies for ACS850 orders; replacement drives and spare parts will continue to be made available during the warranty period. Starting January 1, 2018 the ACS850 will transition to Classic lifecycle phase at which time spare parts will be available through classic lifecycle phase.The following cross reference info is for switching from the ACS850 to the ACS880:

  • ACS850 Frames A Dcan be replaced with ACS880-01/M04. The table below can be used for common cross references from the ACS850 to ACS880. The table should only be used as a guide. Application and installation requirements should be verified prior to replacing ACS850 with ACS880.

ACS850 (Frames A D) crossover table to ACS880.This table should only be used as a guideline. Application and installation requirements should be confirmed including motor current rating and mounting dimensions. Heavy duty current ratings (Ild) were used in the table below.

ACS850 Product ACS880-M04 Product ACS880-01 Product
ACS850-04-03A0-2 ACS880-M04-03A0-2 ACS880-01-04A6-2+P940
ACS850-04-03A6-2 ACS880-M04-03A6-2 ACS880-01-04A6-2+P940
ACS850-04-04A8-2 ACS880-M04-04A8-2 ACS880-01-06A6-2+P940
ACS850-04-06A0-2 ACS880-M04-06A0-2 ACS880-01-07A5-2+P940*
ACS850-04-08A0-2 ACS880-M04-08A0-2 ACS880-01-10A6-2+P940^
ACS850-04-010A-2 ACS880-M04-010A-2 ACS880-01-16A8-2+P940*
ACS850-04-014A-2 ACS880-M04-014A-2 ACS880-01-24A3-2+P940*
ACS850-04-018A-2 ACS880-M04-018A-2 ACS880-01-24A3-2+P940
ACS850-04-025A-2 ACS880-M04-025A-2 ACS880-01-031A-2+P940*
ACS850-04-030A-2 ACS880-M04-030A-2 ACS880-01-031A-2+P940
ACS850-04-035A-2 ACS880-M04-035A-2 ACS880-01-046A-2+P940
ACS850-04-044A-2 ACS880-M04-044A-2 ACS880-01-046A-2+P940
ACS850-04-050A-2 ACS880-M04-050A-2 ACS880-01-061A-2+P940
ACS850-04-061A-2 ACS880-M04-061A-2 ACS880-01-075A-2+P940
ACS850-04-078A-2 ACS880-M04-078A-2 ACS880-01-087A-2+P940
ACS850-04-094A-2 ACS880-M04-094A-2 ACS880-01-115A-2+P940
ACS850 Product ACS880-M04 Product ACS880-01 Product
ACS850-04-03A0-5 ACS880-M04-03A0-5 ACS880-01-03A4-5+P940*
ACS850-04-03A6-5 ACS880-M04-03A6-5 ACS880-01-03A4-5+P940
ACS850-04-04A8-5 ACS880-M04-04A8-5 ACS880-01-05A2-5+P940*
ACS850-04-06A0-5 ACS880-M04-06A0-5 ACS880-01-07A6-5+P940
ACS850-04-08A0-5 ACS880-M04-08A0-5 ACS880-01-011A-5+P940*
ACS850-04-010A-5 ACS880-M04-010A-5 ACS880-01-014A-5+P940*
ACS850-04-014A-5 ACS880-M04-014A-5 ACS880-01-014A-5+P940
ACS850-04-018A-5 ACS880-M04-018A-5 ACS880-01-021A-5+P940
ACS850-04-025A-5 ACS880-M04-025A-5 ACS880-01-027A-5+P940
ACS850-04-030A-5 ACS880-M04-030A-5 ACS880-01-034A-5+P940
ACS850-04-035A-5 ACS880-M04-035A-5 ACS880-01-040A-5+P940*
ACS850-04-044A-5 ACS880-M04-044A-5 ACS880-01-052A-5+P940
ACS850-04-050A-5 ACS880-M04-050A-5 ACS880-01-065A-5+P940*
ACS850-04-061A-5 ACS880-M04-061A-5 ACS880-01-065A-5+P940
ACS850-04-078A-5 ACS880-M04-078A-5 ACS880-01-096A-5+P940*
ACS850-04-094A-5 ACS880-M04-094A-5 ACS880-01-096A-5+P940

* can be downsized for Ld loads^ need to be upsized for Ld loadsIf you need to replace any of the above ACS850 drives but youre unsure which product to cross over to, contact Precision Electric and we will spec the drive for you. To purchase ACS850 replacements, contact Precision Electric today. If you need repair services on an ABB ACS850 drives, contact Precision Electric for return instructions or start your repairhere.For more information on the ACS850 and ACS880, contact Precision Electric or visit the ABB Website. For ABB ACS850 repair quotes or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

Lenze M850 Servo Motors

Lenze M850 Servo Motors: U.S. manufacturer releases new servo product

Lenze M850 servo motors are now available!Last week the US-Based, Global manufacturer, Lenze, announced the release of the new Lenze M850 servo motors. This product has moderately dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range. The Lenze M850 servo motors run efficiently, are compact, and easy to control. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks that are needed in packaging and material handling systems.The Lenze M850 servo motors meet the requirements of high-end applications where maximum dynamic responsiveness and precision are required. With that in mind, the M850 series is especially suitable for positioning tasks in packaging, robotics, and material handling applications where a high degree of quiet, smooth operation is required.The housing of the Lenze M850 servo motors is smooth and has easy-to-clean surfaces making them also suitable for many applications in the Food Industry. The Lenze M850 servo motors are equipped with a robust resolver feedback system as a standard feature, but, can also be supplied with multi-turn sin/cos encoders for high precision applications.Lenze M850 servo motors are used in conjunction with the following Lenze servo inverters: i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine. Pairing the M850 servo motor with a Lenze servo inverter provides high-performance solutions for applications in the torque range of 5.30 in-lbs to 1,770 in-lbs.Lenze Americas offers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from one single source. Precision Electric offers a complete line of industrial services under one 32,000 square foot building: from motor and drive integration, custom retrofit engineering & installation, control panel engineering & manufacturing, to onsite service repair and in-house drive and motor repair services through 2,000 HP.Precision Electric has been working with Lenze for more than 30 years.We support the customer throughout the entire machine development process: From the initial idea to the control system and drive shaft to onsite installation, after-sales support, and preventative maintenance.Call or email Precision Electric for Lenze servorepair and replacement quotes. 

ABB Inventory Count haltsVFD shipments on new & pending orders

Precision Electric Shipping, Inventory, and Warranty / Returns Policies

Shipping policies and inventory expectations

We are diligent in maintaining an accurate list of available products from the manufacturers that we represent. Most products are shipped to customers directly from the product manufacturer. The stock levels published on may or may not depict actual inventory of our own. Although we have an inventory of products, the relevance of stock levels is directly dependent upon information that manufacturers provide to its distributors. In addition to our physical inventory Stock products published on reflect stock availability provided to each of the corresponding manufacturers and all inventory is routinely updated. Updates transpire as quickly as humanly possible upon the discovery of or upon the reporting of stock errors or incorrect pricing published on If an order is affected by an inventory error or price error, the error in question and/or pricing discrepancy is revised on the website followed by written communication to the customer via email report to ensure that there is written proof of the occurrence. Customers are required to confirm/reply to the email report upon receipt for all revisions to their order related to stock errors or pricing discrepancies. In most cases the order will be placed on hold until the customer responds to the email requesting approval prior to shipment release of the corresponding order. We reserve the right to make or avoid any decision(s) necessary on behalf of the customer with good judgments for unique situations and/or expedited orders when the customer cannot be reached in order to meet a shipment deadline.

The most reliable method to verify stock on any products is via telephone. Call the sales team with the manufacturer and model number and we will check on the spot or we will call you back if a manufacturer needs to be contacted. Outgoing shipments depart between 2:00 pm 3:00 pm (EST). Under the circumstances we must receive the order by 1:00 pm (EST) in order to have enough time to ship it out that same day. Conditions are unique every single business day so we do not guarantee same day shipping on any orders but our goal is to minimize downtime while maximizing production. Therefore we will always do our best to ship out expedited orders the same day that the order is received so long as the order is received by 1:00 pm (EST) and the item(s) ordered are in stock.

Free Ground Shipping for Variable Frequency Drive orders is only applicable to orders containing Variable Frequency Drives. Free Ground Shipping Covers all contiguous US addresses, excluding Alaska (AK) and Hawaii (HI). We do not ship internationally.

Expedited Shipments

All expedited orders will be shipped at the shippers discretion and convenience in order to meet the ship date requested by customer. Preferred shipping carriers are not applicable to orders that are to be shipped via expedited delivery; There is not preferred shipping carrier on expedited orders Regardless of shipping instructions printed on product listings, purchase order(s), account applications, and/or written instructions sent to staff by email, or fax; Preferred Carriers are redundant On All Expedited Orders. We will do our best to meet your requests but we will put priority on the shipment so that it arrives the following business day (for next day air, two business days for 2-day air, etc) regardless of the customers shipping carrier preference, instructions or requests. Many different companies ship orders for and all companies shipping for have been instructed to put priority on expedited shipments despite any additional instructions or requests. This means that if a customer requests FedEx Priority Overnight Collect on Account, the shipper may end up in a situation where they can either ship the order via FedEx Priority Overnight or wait until the next day to ship via UPS (because the daily UPS already came and went for the day). All Expenses in any similar situation are to be paid by the customer. The customer is responsible for paying for the shipping charges corresponding to the services relating to the actual, applicable shipment. We will attempt to meet the customers shipping requirements however we will not be held responsible for any shipping or expedite fees which our vendors apply to customers order(s). The customer is liable for applicable shipping & handling fees or any other service charges associated with their order(s). We aim to maximize productivity and minimize downtime for our customers and this level of service is achieved by allowing our partners and employees to make the most economical decisions available to him or her through the resources available at our disposal at the time of each occurrence.

The most reliable method of checking stock levels for any particular product is via telephone. Always call to confirm a product(s) is in stock and ready to ship. Do not assume that the information published on the website is updated live. Do not assume that an order placed at 5:00 pm or 3:00 pm (EST) will ship same day by adding next day air shipping to your order. Call us with your situation and well exceed our competitors in every possible manner to gain you as a customer. Most manufacturers do not give access to live updated inventory so please do not place expectations upon information that is shown on the website without calling to verify the stock level or published pricing to ensure your order and expectations are satisfied.  If youre broke down or if youre in a bind and need something shipped overnight, call us to confirm the availability and pricing before placing your order. Although we prefer email requisitions to check stock or pricing check, we would rather surpass your expectations than have you make a commitment which only time can tell the final outcome.

For orders shipping from our stock: Daily UPS Pickup for Outgoing Shipments arrives every day between 2:00 3:00 PM (EST). We suggest ordering before 1:00 PM (EST) but we are able to get orders shipped out in many different ways so try to get your order entered via our website before 2:00 pm (est) in order to prep the order for shipping prior to UPS Daily Pickup arrival.

ABB Red Carpet is available for $600 and $300 pending parts availability and order entry time. All ABB-Approved Red-Carpet orders ship within 24-48 hours after order entry.

Precision Red-Carpet (New!) If the item you need is in our stock and you contact us after the same day shipping cut off time to request a Red Carpet Delivery. Red Carpet Delivery must be requested and approved and is only available for stocked products. For approved Red Carpet Deliveries We will arrange for your order to be picked up and delivered to the UPS Hub at South Bend International Airport for same day shipping. This is the final drop location before expedited shipments depart to their final destination. Packages can be dropped off until 6:30 PM (EST) for same day outgoing deliveries. The prearranged Red Carpet Delivery cutoff time for order entry is no later than 5:45 PM Eastern Standard Time.  The cost of Red Carpet Delivery Will be a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $600 per package/delivery to the South Bend International Airport UPS Hub.

Shipping Notes and Restrictions

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.

  • All shipments are F.O.B. shipping point. Shipping options are available during checkout.
  • Common Carriers Truck (LTL) will be used for large items, heavy loads and items requiring special handling. Any shipment weighing less than 100 pounds will be charged at the carrier minimum rate.
  • UPS Next Day should be delivered by 10:30 AM for early AM orders and 12:00 Noon or the end of the next business day for standard next day orders depending on location. Delivery to remote locations, Hawaii, or Alaska may require additional time.
  • FedEx Priority Overnight delivered by end of business day.
  • FedEx First Priority Overnight to be delivered by noon the next business day.
  • FedEx and UPS are frequently substituted for one-another depending on the shipper (manufacturer) of the product being delivered. If customer chooses UPS RED, they may receive order via FedEx Priority Overnight. These times are estimates only and Precision Electric, Inc. is not liable for delays or losses.
  • UPS Blue (2 Day): Should be delivered by end of the second business day. Delivery to remote locations, Hawaii or Alaska may require additional time. Delivery times are estimates only and WESCO shall not be liable for delays.
  • Hazardous materials (including Limited Quantity and ORM-D) cannot be shipped via any method except UPS Ground or LTL (Less Than Truckload). Hazardous materials cannot be shipped beyond the domestic borders of the contiguous United States.
  • Hazardous materials (including Limited Quantity and ORM-D) may be boxed and shipped separately from all other items in your order. A Hazardous handling charge may be added to the shipping charges of the order. If you have any questions concerning hazardous materials on your order, please contact your local sales representative for assistance.
  • We do not allow APO or FPBO shipments.

Partials and Backorders
If an item is out of stock and available for backorder, we will show the message “Item available for backorder.” If you require estimated lead times for your order you are expected to call us with your order number following order entry. If you require partials, you must mark Ship Partials on the notes section during checkout  and if available, we will fulfill your request.

Tracking confirmation
You wil receive an email confirming your order following your order entry. If you dont see an email confirming your order, check your spam folder or call the sales team Tracking is uploaded once your order is prepped for shipping and ready to depart. Tracking will not show up on or until after 5:00 pm (PST) so please do not email or call stating that your tracking number is invalid or wrong until after that time period. If the manufacturer doesnt provide tracking on time we will do our best to retrieve that information and email it to you but we are only able to provide you with the information that we have access to and sometimes this means tracking information not available for a few days after order entry date, depending on the manufacturer of the product that you ordered.

Order Cancellations/Returns

We strongly suggest you contact Precision Electric sales staff prior to placing an order if youre unsure of the product and/or its capabilities. This is because we do not accept returns or cancelations for most orders. Each order cancelation request and return request is handled on a case by case basis. Depending on the circumstances we may authorize a cancelation and/or return. Please contact the sales team with your order number within 30 days of order date for a request for return / request for cancellation form or for more information.


Every product includes a manufacturer warranty. Each manufacturer has its own warranty policy. Contact the sales team with your order number and the product model number to initiate a request for warranty.

Repair Warranty:

Precision Electric Repair Services include a limited 12-month warranty. Contact the sales team for more information or to initiate a repair warranty.

Hurricane Harvey Impacts American Oil Refineries

Hurricane Harvey hit the heart of American Oil Refineries last week. So far (as of 8-31), Harvey has shut down 11.2 percent of American Oil Refineries capacity (about one-third of all American Oil Refineries capacity is in Texas Gulf Coast) and roughly 25 percent of American Oil Refineries’ production from the Gulf of Mexico (accounting for about 20 percent of American Oil Refineries crude production). Harvey also was the cause of closure to all ports along the Texas coast. Based on American Oil Refineries current operations, it is estimated that anywhere from 1 million to 2.2 million barrels per day of refining capacity are offline, as well as just under half a million BPD of production. The U.S. has been producing around 9.5 million barrels per day, and in general, American Oil Refineries production has beaten 2016 Energy Information Administration estimates for 2017 production. This production has played a major role in keeping global oil prices low, in turn hurting oil-dependent countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia.Situated higher in the Hill Country, Austin has been spared the worst of what Harvey has wrought in cities like Rockport, Houston and Corpus Christi. But it is near enough to the coast that most of us who call it home know someone afflicted by this particular natural disaster. In a way, it has become personal to us. Communities and in the United States, states are absolutely communities are funny like that.Typhoon Hato, which earned a signal 10 the highest possible rating in Hong Kongs classification system struck the region Aug. 23. The South China Morning Post described it as the worst typhoon that Macau has seen since 1968. Typhoon Pakhar, which earned a signal 8 rating, hit the region a few days later on Aug. 27.Natural disasters like Harvey and Hato are unpredictable. (Advances in meteorological technology clue us in to general arrival times and broad behavior, sure, but even as late as this week no one could confidently say whether Harvey would turn east or west.) They come quickly and, compared to great plains and mountain chains, leave just as quickly. Put simply, there are things that cannot be accounted for ahead of time. Think about Japans bad luckat the Battle of Midway. Remember Gen. Robert E. Leesmiscalculation at Gettysburg. Recall Mount Tambora, whose eruption in 1815 would destroy crop harvests around the world, giving the world in 1816 what would be known as the Year Without a Summer. Hurricane Harvey, and the concurrent storms of southern China, are serious enough to consider whether they qualify.There are always circumstances we will not be able to anticipate, and the only antidote for that is to be quick to recognize when those circumstances are upon us and to correct our course accordingly.

American Oil Refineries – A Challenge in Relief

Lets consider, then, the geopolitical importance of the storms that have stricken China and the United States, the largest economies in the world. Well start with China. The importance of these typhoons stems not from the tragic deaths and injuries resulting from the storm although they are indeed tragic. Their importance stems not from the economic fallout sure, itll be a costly reconstruction process, estimated by some to be roughly $1 billion, but China can afford it. Their importance stems not from trade none of Chinas most important trade infrastructure was harmed by Hato and Pakhar. Their importance does not even stem from location though the most affected areas, Hong Kong and Macau, are vital to Chinas economic interests, they serve mostly as a means to access capital markets. It is easier to rebuild a broken stock market than a broken port.No, the geopolitical significance of these storms results from the political situation they created. In between landfall of the two typhoons, 1,000 Peoples Liberation Army troops left their garrison in Macau and took to the streets, at the behest of Macaus chief executive, to assist with clean-up operations. Though Macau is part of China, it boasts an autonomous government, so the deployment of troops is no small matter.Of course, disaster relief is not the same as a military invasion, and the deployment can hardly be seen as an act of aggression. But it brings into relief one of Chinas most pressing political challenges: managing its special administrative regions. Over the past week in Hong Kong, one such region that is particularly suspicious of Beijings intentions, tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated against the arrest of democracy advocates. Though technically a separate issue from the situation in Macau, many protesters believe the troop deployment sets a precedent for losing more of their own autonomy. (Tellingly, Hong Kong reporters have been banned from entering Macau.) Its unclear whether their suspicions have any merit, but Beijing certainly wants to enhance its control over these territories, and the typhoons have given Beijing pretext to deploy troops.

American Oil Refineries – Severe, but Short-Term

Hurricane Harveys impact on American Oil Refineries production will be temporary, even if it is severe. In the short term, though, it could be globally significant. The storm has stalled out over Houston and promises to dump more and more rain over the area. If it damages the Colonial Pipeline which transports more than 40 percent of the Texas Gulf Coasts refined product, according to the EIA U.S. consumers would not only have to pay more at the pump, but U.S. policymakers would have to deal with Russia, which would greatly benefit from even a momentary spike in prices. It wont be clear what will happen to oil prices until we know what kind of damage coastal facilities have sustained, but the possibility of higher prices cant be ruled out.Storms such as Harvey introduce unknown variables into our model. We cant predict them, but we can design our model to account for them when they happen. And why wouldnt we? Nation states tend to act differently when they stare down the ultimate geopolitical power: nature itself.Precision Electric is now repairing and replacing all damaged equipment for American Oil Refineries in Texas. This is in hopes of getting American Oil Refineriesback on their feet in a timely manner. Many of the American Oil Refineriesuse Eaton VFD products on their rigs and Precision Electric is familiar and experienced in repairing Eaton equipment; Precision Electric has been working with American Oil Refineries in Texas for nearly ten years.Contact Precision Electric for repair and replacement quotes.

References: as well as portions of article are from anarticleby Jacob L. Shapiro of GPF
ACS380 ABB VFD: ABB announces their newest Machinery Drive

ACS380 ABB VFD: ABB announces their Newest Machinery Drive

The ACS380 ABB VFD was recently released and is available in most power ratings through 10 hp. Exact ratings that are now available and future release dates of the ACS380 are listed at the bottom of this page. The ACS380 ABB VFD is a machinery drive and is the newest product addition to the machinery drive family of ABB low voltage drives. The ACS380 machinery drive is ideal for machine builders looking to integrate a VFD without incurring significant cost. The ACS380 ABB VFD is also ideal for end users wanting to increase productivity without sacrificing performance. The ACS380 is part of ABBs all-compatible drives portfolio designed to offer a technically compatible drive, an all-compatible solution for people, process, business and environmental goals. With pre-configured drive variants, adaptive programming and an icon-based user interface, the ACS380 ABB VFD is simple to integrate into any system.The compact ACS380 drive is ideal for machine building that requires motor technologies with powers from 0.25 to 7.5 kW and voltages from 200 to 480 V. With enclosure class IP20 as standard, these modular drives easily integrate into machines and automation systems within industries such as food and beverage, material handling, and plastics. The ACS380 ABB VFD offers universal dimensions that simplify the process of wiring into cabinet installations; For typical constant torque applications like mixers, extruders, conveyors, and palletizers.The standard variant of the ACS380 comes with extensive I/O and built-in Modbus RTU protocol. The drive offers a built-in icon based interface that makes commissioning and adjusting the drive fast and easy. Optional control panels include the basic control panel and the assistant control panel with and without Bluetooth. Adaptive programming provides additional flexibility for different machine requirements, meeting the demands of exact machine design. The ACS380 ABB VFD is designed for optimal cooling with thermal management up to 50 C ambient temperatures, without having to de-rate. Additional features include: integrated safety (STO) is built-in as standard for safety sensitive applications. An EMC C2 filter and built-in brake chopper are standard to save space and installation time. The ACS380 ABB VFD uses a common architecture for a smooth transition to other ABB drives, including the ABB ACS880.A fieldbus enables communication between drives and PLC systems, I/O devices and the process. Fieldbus communication reduces wiring costs when compared with traditional hard wired input/ output connections. Fieldbus systems also offer the ability to gather large amounts of data which can then be utilized for improving the performance or safety of the machine. The ACS380 ABB VFD is a configured variant and is compatible with a wide range of fieldbus protocols. Fieldbus modules preconfigure drive parameter settings at power-up to allow programming directly from the PLC. The optional fieldbus adapter can be easily be mounted on the drive. The ACS380 standard variant comes with built-in Modbus RTU protocol.Almost anyone can set up and commission the ACS380 ABB VFD using the integrated control panel or one of the available assistant control panels – AP-I, AP-S, AP-W, or BP-S. The ACS380 includes the integrated icon based control panel as standard. You do not need to know any drive parameters as the control panel helps you to set up the essential settings quickly and get the drive into action.Now available:

Late 2017:

  • 1~230 V, expand to 5 HP
  • 3~230 V, 1/2 to 15 HP
  • 3~380 to 480 V, expand to 30 HP

Future Releases – in early development (planned 2018)

  • 1~115 V, 1/4 to 1.5 HP
  • 3~600 V, 1 to 30 HP

For additional product info or product documentation on the ACS380 ABB VFD, visit the ABB Website. For ACS380 ABB VFD quote requests or availability requests, contact Precision Electric.

Is the American workforce ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By Greg Scheu, President – Americas Region, ABBInnovation can be disruptive. History shows us that, in the face of major disruption, the winners embrace change and adapt. Just look at the impact that personal computers have had on the workplace. Today, it would be difficult to find a good job that does not require at least basic computer skills. The innovations unleashed by computer science in the 1980s and 1990s triggered unprecedented productivity gains and changed our lives.

We now stand at a new crossroads. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought artificial intelligence, cloud computing and predictive analytics to the workplace. In the emerging industrial era, machines are increasingly capable of telling us how they feel, which means they can be repaired before they break down. Renewable energy will be unlimited by geography as transmission systems expand under seas and across continents. Cities of the future will be free of traffic emissions, and many buildings will produce more energy than they consume. Collaborative robots will work side-by-side with humans.Countries that embrace innovation are leading in competitiveness and job creation. Robotics, one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world, is a case in point. While some people are concerned that robots could take jobs away from humans, the reverse turns out to be the case. The three countries with the highest density of robots per factory workerSouth Korea, Germany and Japanalso enjoy exceptionally low unemployment rates. Without investing in automation, these strong economies would not be globally competitive, and their workforces would certainly feel the repercussions.Rising productivity has always contributed to greater prosperity. Every previous industrial revolution has increased productivity, created jobs and raised incomes. The World Bank estimates that, since 1990, more than a billion people have emerged from extreme poverty and, globally, the proportion of those in extreme poverty has fallen from 35 percent to less than 10 percent. Thanks to higher productivity, the United Nations estimates that poverty was reduced more in the past 50 years than in the previous 500.The potential gains from the Fourth Industrial Revolution are equally large. The United States has already taken many of the steps necessary to maintain its leading role in the technologies associated with these changes. As a country that has always been a driver of innovation, America is well-positioned to benefit from the latest methods of production.Yet we must ensure that the American worker is not left behind. As manufacturing rebounds in the United States, it will not look the same as it did before. Modern industry needs trained and skilled employees in automation and advanced manufacturing. We must retrain the workforce of today and adapt education and training for the workforce of tomorrow.To achieve the skills transition for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and ensure that all of society benefits from rising prosperity, partnerships are needed between government, industry and academia. Education, particularly the community college system, will play an important role in retraining our manufacturing workforce to operate the factories of the future. Industry and government need to show leadership by supporting STEM education with more resources, close collaboration and specialized expertise.Industrial and technology companies are driving the progress the world requires. Technology from ABB, for example, enables utilities, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to make their operations stronger, smarter and greener around the globe. Companies like ABB are developing solutions that are on the verge of triggering a great new surge in productivity and wealth creation. We all need to work together to make sure that the American worker wins with us.This op-ed was also published on,

Eaton Industrial Controls 2017 Nationwide Roadshow Tour

Eaton Industrial Controls 2017 Nationwide Roadshow Tour

Eaton industrial controls kicked off their 2017 Nationwide Roadshow Tour. The hands-on, 40-foot, interactive showroom will travel to nearly 20 U.S. cities and educate original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), facilities managers, commercial customers, end users, contractors and others about Eatons newest energy efficient innovations for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R), pumping, process industry and machinery applications.The Eaton Industrial Controls Roadshow features four interactive demos arranged by commercial and industrial application environments. Live demo areas include: an Eaton VFD system drive, a multi-pump booster system, a material handling conveyor, and a mixing and separating process. An interactive Internet of Things (IoT) component allows visitors to create their own fault situation and receive alerts on their mobile phones.The Eaton Industrial Controls Roadshow made its first stop in Las Vegas, Nevada at the 2017 AHR Exposition. The roadshow tour recently left St. Louis, MO and is currently in route its next stop. The roadshow is also planned to visit other select cities including Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Cleveland, Ohio. The tour will conclude in November with a final visit to Fresno, California. view the full schedule or registerhere.Eaton industrial controls have been providing power management needs for more than a century. Over the years, Eaton has expanded their expertise and portfolio of products and servicesby uniting some of the worlds most respected names withEatons strong heritage of innovation. The roadshow therefore reflects complete packaged solutions that not only include industrialcontrol products, but also our world-class motor control centersand breakers with Bussmann E series fuses, B-Line E seriessupport systems and switches, and Crouse-Hinds E seriesexplosion-proof enclosures. With customers in 175 countriesand more than 100,000 employees worldwide, Eaton has expertson the ground to develop more complete and customizedsolutions to respond to power management needs.Eaton is a power management company with 2016 sales of $19.7 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently and safely. Eaton has approximately 95,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.For Eaton VFD repair or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric. For more information on Eaton products,

Robotic Automation: ABB Robots For The Packaging Industry

Robotic Automation: ABB Robots For The Packaging Industry

ABB robotic automation ensures shorter product life cycles, new packaging designs, product variants and batch manufacturing. Compared to dedicated hard automation, robot lines are shorter and allow far better utilization of floor space. In addition to increased up-time and total throughput of production, fewer accidents and increasingly demanding workplace laws are compelling reasons to make the transition to ABB robotic automation. Robots are usually associated with handling repetitive tasks in a process either in high volume production roles or where flexible handling systems are needed for frequent changes. In the packaging industry, robots generally fall into three main areas: 

  • Pick and Place Applications (where products are packed into trays or secondary packages)
  • Feed Placement (where products are prearranged on a conveyor to ease future packaging procedures)
  • Palletizing (pallet loading and unloading)

 PickingThis is an area in which ABB services a multitude of products, applications and packaging line set-ups. Frozen food, bakery and confectionery, ice cream, meat and fish, cheese, pet food, medical products, shampoo and perfume bottles are a few examples. The ABB IRB 360 is the first 2nd generation delta robot; The FlexPickerTM . The new robot family will initially see three models available. Stainless steel versions are available for wash down duties such as in meat and dairy handling applications. Apart from even greater performance, the new delta robot has a significantly increased payload of up to 3 kg opening up further application possibilities, especially at the end of line. For full 6-axis flexibility, less demanding cycle times and payloads of up to 5 kg, ABB recommends the IRB 140.PalletizingPlacing boxes, trays, bags, bottles or other items on a pallet seems easy enough. But, when youre dealing with the rigorous demands of multiple feeder lines, quick box-pattern changes and high up-time, nothing compares to ABB robotic automation. The ABB IRB 660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity needed for most palletizing applications. For even greater payload requirements, ABB standard 6-axis robots are the largest and are built to handle as much as 1,433 lbs.The IRB 660 is a refinement of the well established, proven, ABB IRB 640 palletizer, with more than 1,800 installations worldwide. The new version of this robot blends speed, reach and payload like no other. Exceptionally fast, this 4-axis performer combines a 3.15 meter reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletizing bags, boxes, crates, bottles and more. The new palletizer comes in two versions; a high throughput version designed for 250 kg and a high-speed version built to handle 180 kg payloads at full speed. The IRB 660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity to meet the demands of just about any palletizing application. And its robust enough to perform steadily in the toughest environments.Tailor Made Robots For Demanding Packaging IndustriesABB robotic automation includes specialized robots for picking, packing and palletizing. In addition, ABB provides a wide range of standard 6-axis robots which allows customers to meet the demands of nearly all applications in the packaging industry. Whats more, ABBs unique packaging software, including vision technology and conveyor tracking, facilitates continuous production flows and packing on-the-fly. This allows for efficient handling of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics or personal care products.High Speed PackingThe ABB FlexPicker IRB 360 is a unique parallel-arm robot designed for the most exacting high-speed picking and packing applications. The new robot succeeds ABBs widely used FlexPickerTM IRB 340 system and is the result of 10 years experience and research and development combined with proven packaging technology. ABB has over 2000 delta robots installed globally and is the leader in this state of the art picking and packing technology. The newest version of the IRB 340 is called the FlexPickerTM IRB 360.Cost Efficient PackingThe 4-axis IRB 260 houses all the necessary features for placing items in boxes, tray handling and more. Optimized for packing applications this robot can work closely to its own base, allowing very compact packing cells and integration into tight packing machines. IRB 260features a 30 kg payload capacity and short cycle times to meet the packing industry requirements. Like all ABB robots, the IRB 260 is compatible with PickMaster, our dedicated software for packaging applications, including vision guidance and easy programming.Food Safety & PharmaceuticalABB builds robots to meet the most demanding work conditions as well as the highest hygiene standards. In addition, all ABB robots are IP67 certified, ensuring tightly sealed joints and connectors. The IRB 360, which is most likely to handle open food, is available in wash-down and stainless steel and is IP69K certified.The demands on quality validation and traceability are extremely high in pharmaceutical production. The absolute accuracy, repeatability and high up-time of ABB robots result in massive improvements over manual operation or dedicated production equipment. All ABB smaller robots are suited to primary packing and are verified for clean-room operation.To learn more about ABB Robotic Automation, visit the ABB Website. For ABB robot integration or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric. Precision Electric can retrofit obsolete packaging machines / inefficient packaging systems with ABB Robotic Technology. We also offer servo drive repair and servo motor repair for All industrial robots.