Servo Motor and Drive Repair

Precision Electric consistently expands its industrial electronics repair services because customers demand it. With the wide array of servo motors and drives in the market, a substantial need for ever-changing servo motor and drive repair services are needed.

There has always been three primary issues with servo motor and drive replacement- Servo motors and drive combinations are frequently proprietary and difficult to replace. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) retire older models of servo motor and drive equipment. The cost of replacement servo motor and drive combinations are often extremely high.

The demand of servo motor and drive repair is created by the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ ever-changing technological advancements. Most manufacturing facilities, however, often seek out servo motor and drive repair to cut down the cost associated with replacing obsolete equipment with new equipment.

The components Original Equipment Manufacturers use to build servo motor and drive combinations are often cheaply made. During a servo motor and drive repair, Precision Electric replaces these parts with quality parts that exceed the quality control of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What does this mean? It means that the servo motor and drive repair you receive back from Precision Electric is likely in better quality than the original equipment itself.

Using proprietary software, Precision Electric can re-align the servo motor as necessary to ensure the rewinding of the motor retains full accuracy. Precision Electric has nearly 20 years experience with servo motor and drive repair, and can also find obsolete components and parts for the toughest servo motor and drive repairs.

Precision Electric offers prompt turnaround time of servo motor and drive repair, because the ultimate goal of Precision Electric is minimizing their customer’s downtime while increasing production time.

Precision Electric facilitates servo motor and drive repair to industrial manufacturing facilities across the globe. Call Precision Electric today for a free quote of servo motor and drive repair.

DC Electric Motor Repair

Precision Electric separates itself from other DC electric motor repair facilities in many ways. Most DC electric motor repair facilities use the assembly line method which isn’t ideal because when many people work on the same DC electric motor, and the chance of human error drastically increases.

Precision Electric designates each DC electric motor repair to a specific mechanic, so the mechanic who disassembles the DC electric motor is the same mechanic who assembles and final tests the DC electric motor.

When Precision Electric facilitates a DC electric motor repair, an initial test procedure is performed to determine cause of failure and other problems which may exist, including armature and field frame rewinds.

Precision Electric performs rewinds on-site and is known to work around the clock on emergency jobs until DC electric motors are repaired and ready to be installed back into production.

DC electric motor repair introduces additional complexities into the repair process. The addition of a commutator with brushes, and rotating armature coils subjected to centrifugal force, which aren’t factors involved in typical AC electric motor repair.

The following procedures and tests are performed at Precision Electric to guarantee a quality DC electric motor repair.

Conductive carbon dust left by worn brushes is cleaned from the armature; then each commutator is checked for grounds and bar-to-bar shorts with detailed electrical testing.

Coils are manufactured in-house to assure proper fit. This eliminates constant bending and shaping during installation which can damage coil insulation. Proper banding is critical in DC repair. This ensures that the winding isheld in position during high-speed operation.

Field coils are checkedusing voltage drop testing. Bad fields and inter-poles are rewound in our shop on custom forms. TIG welding is available to eliminate soldered joints where design dictates.

All commutators are turned, undercut, and chamfered to provide the best possible surface for brush contact.For corrosive or other severe duty environments, commutator platinum plating is available to extend wear life (pickle-duty).Neutral setting adjustments are made during final machine testing to ensure proper operation.

All DC electric motor repair performed by Precision Electric is backed by a 12-month in service warranty. The Precision Electric in service warranty provides customers with a peace of mind knowing that their spare DC motors will be warrantied regardless of how long their spare equipment is on standby.

Call Precision Electric today for a free quote of DC electric motor repair.


What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are also known as variable speed drives (VSD), and inverters. Variable frequency drives are solid state motor control systems used in manufacturing facilities across the globe. Variable frequency drives are designed to control the speed of an alternating current (AC) electric motor. Variable frequency drives can reduce energy costs up to 50% by speed reduction on applications where the full speed (RPM) of the electric motor is not required.

This energy savings is often significant enough to pay for the variable frequency drive within a couple of months. Variable frequency drives are commonly used on pump, fan, and air compressor applications, and are often used in manufacturing facilities to increase or decrease the start up time on alternating current (AC) motors.

Increasing and/or decreasing the start up time on an AC motor can add years to the overall lifespan of an AC motor, and can also improve efficiency on production demands. Variable frequency drives provide the ability to control the frequency of starting and stopping an AC motor.This ability provides a means by which an AC electric motor is only operating when needed. AC electric motors have a longer lifespan if they are not continuously operating when they do not need to be.

There are a few different types of variable frequency drives. The most common type of variable frequency drive is known as a V/Hz (volts per hertz), and are applied to applications such as fans, pumps, air compressors, and other related applications where high starting torque is not required. V/Hz variable frequency drive applications typically do not require full torque when the AC motor is operating at less than the base speed (RPM) of the electric motor.

Another type of variable frequency drive is known as a vector control. Vector control is used on variable frequency drives where high starting torque and full torque at low speed (RPM) is present. Vector control variable frequency drives are usually more expensive than a V/Hz drives.

There are other types of variable frequency drives that are more complex than V/Hz and vector control. These more complex variable frequency drives are typically used for precise speed regulation of an AC motor as well as complex programming to regulate starting and stopping of an AC motor.

Industrial Electronics Repair Services

Industrial electronics repair services are the backbone of successful manufacturing facilities all over the United States.In an ever growing technological world, many manufacturers have learned that in order to increase production time and energy savings in their plant, they must partner with the best sources for their much needed industrial electronics repair services.

Many manufacturers constantly seek alternatives to repair their industrial electrical equipment on the internet, because local vendors do not always meet the demands which they place upon them.

Precision Electric service technicians have hundreds of years combined experience in the industrial manufacturing world of repair and troubleshooting.

Precision Electric repair and service technicians frequently attend training seminars all over the country because new technology and equipment is constantly being released into production lines across the globe, and Precision Electric maintains their reputation in this industry by consistently adapting to technology changes.

Precision Electric specializes in all aspects of industrial electronics repair services, and their capabilities are virtually endless because of the vast amount of equipment in production. Some of Precision Electric industrial electronics repair services include, servo motors, servo drives, variable speed drives, PCB, Programmable Logic Controllers, to encoder and tachometer alignment, custom design & custom built electrical panels and much more.

Precision Electric partners with maintenance crews from the smallest of businesses to the largest of corporations with a common ground to increase production and energy savings; while decreasing the overall downtime in production lines.Whether it be a fractional horsepower servo motor or a 1000 horsepower variable speed drive, Precision Electric consistently puts forth the same amount of effort and support in all their repair operations.

PCB Repair Service

One thing that sticks out about Precision Electric from the competition is our expertise with PCB repair service. Many companies who offer PCB repair service on the web don’t actually repair the PCB themselves, because they do not have the technical training and staff to perform these operations. Instead, these companies who offer PCB repair service actually send the PCB for repair to third-party vendors. We know this to be true because over the years, we have performed PCB repair services for customers who weren’t the actual end-user.

There are a number of benefits to choose Precision Electric for PCB repair service. Precision Electric performs the PCB repair service in our facility, whereas much of the competition does not. If you’re seeking an alternative for your needed PCB repair service, Precision Electric is your overall best choice to perform these tasks.

Precision Electric has been offering PCB repair service for nearly 20 years, and is one of the most reputable industrial electronics repair facilities in the Midwest.Precision Electric has hundreds of years combined experience with PCB repair service and has been working with the industrial manufacturing world since 1982.

Precision Electric warranties all repair work with an in-service warranty. Our in-service warranty was incorporated to encourage customers that spare PCB’s should always be in fully operable condition in case a production line goes down.

Our in-service warranty on PCB repair service beings the actual day said PCB is installed and lasts twelve months thereafter. Precision Electric also offers field support for your PCB repair service. Our field technicians have been known to repair PCB’s on-site which has consequently saved some of our customers thousands of dollars in downtime.

Choose Precision Electric for your PCB repair service needs, because we aim to provide our customers with optimal production with minimal to zero downtime. Call or email Precision Electric today for a free quote of your PCB repair service.

Industrial Electronics Repair of Distillation Equipment

Precision Electric offers industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment such as, printedcircuit boards (PCB’s), programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), variable frequency drives, and all other related industrial electrical equipment.

Increasing production is our ultimate goal and we minimize downtime by offering industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment.

Customers worldwide of Precision Electric routinely testify that we are the best source for industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment, because of our quick turnaround time, 24 hour emergency repair services, excellent customer support, hundreds of years combined experience, and our one year in service warranty on all repairs.

Precision Electric has been in this industry for nearly 30 years, and since then has built excellent relationships with huge corporations as well as small businesses. Many facilities that offer industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment outsource said equipment to different companies. We know this because many of these facilities send their customer’s equipment to us for repair. Precision Electric offers technical support for all of their services and nearly every repair is performed on site.

Industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment should always be inspected with the absolute best testing equipment, and tested by highly trained technicians. If you seek highly competent and reputable technicians to keep your manufacturing processes at peak production, contact Precision Electric for industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment.

Precision Electric offers free quotes on all industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment. Free quotes are available for industrial electronics repair of distillation equipment by calling or emailing Precision Electric. Become a partner with Precision Electric today and increase your productions while decreasing downtime.

Increase Energy Savings in Food Processing

Utilizing variable speed drives can greatly increase energy savings in food processing manufacturing facilities. Many food processing manufacturers apply variable speed drives to their production line, because they reduce amperage spikes upon start up of large motors. There are literally thousands of applications that have potential to increase energy savings in food processing plants.

Choosing the right variable speed drive for an application will increase energy savings in food processing, and will also increase production time as well as provide less wear on the electric motors where applied.If you contact Precision Electric, we will help you choose the right products to increase energy savings in your food processing facility. Customers all over the United States call Precision Electric every single day for technical support, and product determination to increase energy savings in food processing plants.

Many of the industrial electronics businesses in the United States who distribute products, do not actually support their products to increase energy savings in food processing plants. Precision Electric however, has an extensive line of technical support as well as free repair quotes to our customers. If you need to increase energy savings in food processing, Precision Electric is your best source to increase production and decrease downtime. Call Precision Electric today for free repair quotes or free quotes on replacing existing equipment.