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Servo Motor Controller

A servo motor controller system is also known as a servo drive, servo amp, and a servo control system. A servo motor controller is an electronic device used to power and control a servo motor. A servo motor controller monitors and regulates the servo motor for precise speed regulation and positioning. Most manufacturers design servo motor controllers with a specific servo motor, so the servo motor cannot operate without the specific servo motor controller designed for said servo motor. Servo motor controller systems were designed as an alternative to AC and DC electric motors because industrial manufacturing facilities sought precise speed regulation and positioning in their industries, which AC and DC electric motors simply do not offer.Servo motor controller systems are mainly used in robotics, automation, and CNC applications.

What is a Servo Motor?

A servo motor is used for precise speed regulation in many different industrial manufacturing applications. Precise speed regulation is present in a servo motor by applying an encoder to the servo motor. The encoder on a servo motor provides speed feedback and positioning of the motor. The speed feedback and positioning loop generated by an encoder is designed to precisely control the exact position of the mechanics in a servo motor.

Servo Motor Controller Repair and Replacement

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Variable Frequency Drive

A variable frequency drive is a solid state motor speed controller that is applied to alternating current (AC) electric motors. A variable frequency drive is also known as a VFD, inverter, variable speed drive, VSD, or a motor controller.Most pump, fan and air compressor applications use variable frequency drives to increase and decrease acceleration and deceleration time of an AC electric motor.

Increasing and decreasing acceleration and deceleration the start up time of an AC electric motor can also extend the lifespan of an electric motor. Using a variable frequency drive to increase or decrease the acceleration/deceleration time reduces voltage spikes that are generated into the winding of an electric motor. Reducing the voltage spikes that are generated into the winding of an electric motor prevents the motor winding insulation to breakdown and burn up.

Energy Savings

Approximately 60-65% of electrical energy in the United States of America is used to supply alternating current (AC) electric motors, and 75% of that electrical energy is consumed by fan, pump and air compressor applications. Only about3% of the total installed alternating current (AC) electric motors in the United States of America run off variable frequency drives.A variable frequency drive can save energy costs up to 50% by reducing the AC electric motor speed (RPM) on applications where the full speed of the electric motor isn’t required.

Quality Control

Using a variable frequency drive in manufacturing processes can greatly increase quality control of end products and production times. A variable frequency drives special programming capabilities allow application specific patterns to minimize electrical and mechanical failure for the electric motors they’re operating. A variable frequency drive can also increase quality control in manufacturing production lines by monitoring the electric motors’ speed, heat (temperature), pressure, tension, torque, and many other technical factors.Every variable frequency drive manufacturer uses unique parameter programming designed for industry-specific applications.

Repair and Distribution

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