Eaton CPX9000 Drives

Eaton CPX9000 DrivesBased on over 15 years of 18-pulse drive experience andthe highly successful 9000X Series of adjustable frequencydrives, the Eaton CPX9000 drives use advanced clean power technologyto significantly reduce line harmonics at the drive inputterminals, resulting in one of the purest sinusoidalwaveforms available.The Eaton CPX9000 drives deliver true power factor, so in addition toreducing harmonic distortion, it prevents overheating ofupstream transformers and the overloading of breakers andfeeders. It allows adjustable frequency drives to be appliedto generators and other high impedance power systems.Designed to exceed the IEEE 519-1992 requirements forharmonic distortion, the Eaton CPX9000 drives are the clear choice forapplications in the water/wastewater, HVAC, industrialand process industries where harmonics are a concern.

While utilities may deliver relatively clean power (puresinusoidal waveforms), nonlinear loads such as computers,
drives, and electronic ballasts can introduce undesirableharmonic currents into the power system.Many facilities demand the IEEE 519-1992 standard forminimizing harmonic distortion be met to eliminate thepotential for equipment failures that can lead to increaseddowntime and costs.The first step in developing an appropriate clean powersolution is a facility analysis. Eaton performs facilitysimulations for existing facilities and during the design andconstruction phase of new facilities. In addition to offeringthe CPX9000 solution, Eatons Electrical Systems andServices organization is equipped to measure, analyze, andcorrect harmonic and other power quality issues.After the simulation is complete, a number of steps can betaken to ensure IEEE 519-1992 compliance. Majortechnologies include passive filters, active filters, additionalinductive reactance, phase-shifted sources, 12-pulse rectifiersand the Eaton CPX9000 clean power drives. While all of technologiesare viable, the Eaton CPX9000 is selected most often becauseunlike the other technologies, it meets IEEE 529-1992 at thedrive input connection even if power system conditionschange. This means no re-tuning, no adjustments and nonew system analysis.

Harmonic Solutions

Harmonics are distortedelectrical waveforms thatintroduce inefficiencies into yourelectrical system. They produce
wasteful heat and can causeplant issues and fees fromyour local power company.Harmonics flow into the
electrical system as a result ofnonlinear electronic switchingdevices, such as adjustablefrequency drives (AFDs),
computer power supplies andenergy-efficient lighting.Similarly, companies withheavy motor, AFD and lighting
loads need to be aware of theproblems that harmonics cancause. These problems include:

  • Increased electrical usage
  • Increased wear and tear onmotors
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Power quality problemsupstream and downstream
  • Utility penalties for introducingproblems to the power grid

Eaton CPX9000 DrivesThe Eaton CPX9000 drives‘ 18-pulse clean power will consistentlymeet IEEE-519 standards byreducing current distortion to5% or less. The 18-pulse driveoffers 50% better harmonicratings (10% for 12-pulse vs. 5%for 18-pulse) at only a slightlyhigher cost. The efficiencyof this new drive has helpedto take harmonic reduction toa new level for manufacturingfacilities across the globe. Itmeets IEEE standards in everycase, attenuates all harmonicsup to the 35th, stops harmonicsat the source, is insensitive tofuture system changes, andincreases the life of the drivethrough incredibly stable DCbus voltage (18 small inputsinstead of six large ones). The18-pulse converter is the mostcost-effective solution at 50 hpor higher.

To learn more about Eaton CPX9000 drives or to download technical documents, visit the Eaton Website.


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Eaton SC9000 VFD

With the Eaton SC9000VFD double-bus,a second 1200 amp VFD busis located above the mainbus, adding only 8 inches ofadditional height to the system.The Ampgard SC 9000 doublebusenables close-coupling ofan optional 24-inch-wide driveoutput contactor and multiplemotor bypass and motor selectcontactors under a commonbus alignment.Ampgard SC9000 integratedControl Gear synchronoustransfer control design givesEatons customers the benefit ofa compact and reliable system.

SC9000 Features

Eaton SC9000 VFDThe Eaton SC9000 VFD double-bus is integrated witha 24-inch-wide drive outputcontactor (optional) and36-inch-wide motor bypassand motor select contactorsstructure that can be equippedwith a 400 amp or 800 amp contactor,as required.A 400 amp motor bypass contactorand a 400 amp motor selectcontactor can be double-stackedin a single, 36-inch-wide cabinetfor motor systems up to3000 horsepower.

Eaton SC9000 VFD Ampgard double-bus design for synchronous transfercontrol was first to market. Do not be misled by cable copy cats800 amp motor bypass and motorselect contactor assemblies, whichrequire two 36-inch-widestructures for a total widthof 72 inches per motor.

Synchronous transfer systemshelp power generating facilitiesmaximize the capital efficiencyof their systems by controllingmultiple motors with oneadjustable frequency drive.Most manufacturers synchronoustransfer control systemhave multiple drive output andmotor select contactors thatare interconnected typically viacables to allow the VFD tomanage multiple motors.

With the Eaton SC9000 VFD Ampgard and the Ampgard IntegratedControl Gear VFD double-busdesign, the drive output andmotor select contactors areclose-coupled under a commonpower bus (no cables) giving customers the compact designand superior performance theyexpect from the Eaton brand.

Eaton SC9000 VFDThe basic principle of synchronous transfer controlis to adjust the Eaton SC9000 VFD output voltage, frequencyand phase to match the utility.By matching these parameters, the drive systemcan transfer a motor from the SC9000 output tothe utility in a bump-less manner.The Eaton SC9000 VFD and PLC systems are programmed tostart or stop a single motor, as well as sync up ordown to other motors as needed.Upon system startup, the SC 9000 and VFD busare energized.The PLC closes the drive output contactor and thedesignated motor select contactor and starts the SC9000, allowing power to be directed to the desiredmotor (M1 above) for operation.The designated motor can now be operated atadjustable speed as needed.When an additional motor is required, the PLC willsend the sync up command to the SC9000.

The Eaton SC9000 VFD adjusts its output to match the linevoltage, frequency and phase angle. Once the driveoutput and line are synchronized, the system willtransfer the motor from the drive output to the utilityby opening the motor select contactor (M1) andclosing the motor bypass contactor (B1).Once synchronization is locked, the adjacent motorselect contactor (M2) is closed, and the Eaton SC9000 VFD can now operate theadditional motor at variablespeed as needed.

To learn more about the Eaton SC9000 VFD, visit the Eaton Website.



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Eaton SVX9000 Drive

Eatons SVX9000 adjustable frequency drives are thecompact, modular solution to variable speed applications.They enable a broad range of new application capabilities.A complete selection of option cards allows you to configurethe drive to meet any requirement. With its wide voltagerange, high overload ability, and user-friendly alphanumericalkeypad, SVX9000 drives are the smart decision forevery user.

Just three screws link thecontrol module to the powermodule. Whats more, controlunits are interchangeable withinframe sizes while software,control panels, I/O andcommunication cards arecommon throughout the line.Separating the power andcontrol units provides installationadvantages and reduced spareparts requirements. Forconvenience, the SVX9000 isfield convertible from Type 1 toType 12 (frames 46). Itsreduced size equates to less
panel space used and easyretrofits.

Even when the drive isunpowered, the SVX9000 canbe programmed and tested.The control logic module can be
powered from an external +24Vdc source so youre ready totrain, test and go live wheneverneeded. Whether you chooselocal or remote operations viathe keypad, simple copy/pastefunctions streamlinethe process.

The SVX9000 may be configuredwith several differentcommunication protocols,making it easy to communicate
with all commonly used controlsystems. The control unitspowerful microprocessor can beused for local control tasks,thereby freeing resources of thecontrol system for other controltasks. 9000XEngine, Eaton’sversatile block-programmingtool, eliminates the need for aPLC and significantly simplifiesthe control system.

Programming Software


9000XLoad is an easy-to-usetool for uploading system,application and option cardsoftware intended for use by
engineering, commissioning andservice personnel. 9000XLoad isalso suitable for loading customapplications to the SVX9000drive.

9000XDrive is a software toolthat allows uploading anddownloading drive parameters.Parameters can be changed,saved, and uploaded to anynumber of SVX9000 drives.The tool has the ability to printparameters or save them to afile for future use and reference.Parameters can be compared todefault values to determine drivesetup. Operator functions includethe ability to set references,start and stop the drive, andto monitor signals and actualvalues. These values can bedisplayed via a graphic display.

Create IEC 1131-3 compliantcustom applications with9000XEngine. This graphicaldesign tool customizes the
control logic and parameters inthe SVX9000. Functional BlockDiagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram(LD) and Structured Text (ST)are all part of the functionset. 9000XEngine enables thecreation of parameters, faultmessages and other applicationrelatedfeatures.


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Electric Motor Drive Repair

Electric Motor Drive RepairManufacturers in the United States rely on electric motor drive repair to minimize production downtime in their plants. Most original equipment manufacturers of electric motor drives convince users to replace failed drives rather than repair them, because original equipment manufacturers are in direct competition with companies who offer drive repair. Maintenance technicians work closely with drive repair shops because they are the backbone of minimizing cost for manufacturers.

Manufacturers usually seek electric motor drive repair facilities that offer 24/7 emergency repair services; because drives can fail at a moment’s notice and manufacturers cannot afford for their production line to shut down for extensive periods of time. Many drive repair shops outsource the repair to a different vendor and that increases the lead time and repair cost, so it’s important to ask your repair shop if they perform the repair work on site or if they outsource the work.

Who to Call for Repair Quotes

Electric Motor Drive RepairPrecision Electric offers 24/7 electric motor drive repair services. Precision Electric also offers free repair quotes for motor drives. Precision Electric repairs all drives in house to ensure prompt turnaround time and competitive repair pricing. Precision Electric uses the best components possible and Precision Electric uses the best testing equipment in all repair work performed. Drives repaired by Precision Electric ship back to customers in better condition than when the drive shipped new from the manufacturer.

Precision electric has offered industrial electronics repair since 1983, andhave repaired thousands of electric motor drives.Precision Electric is also a distributor and integrator of the top drive manufacturers.Precision Electric drive repair procedures consists of pre-testing the equipment, testing of all components, replace damaged components, cleaning of all parts, final testing of all electrical components, assembly of equipment and safely returning the equipment to the customer.All repair work performed by Precision Electric includes a 12 month in-service warranty. The Precision Electric in-service warranty begins the day the drive is put into production and ends 12 months later.

Questions? Let Us Help. Call Precision Electric Toll Free at1-877-625-2402orE-Mail Sales and Support.




VFD Single Phase to Three Phase

VFD Single Phase to Three PhaseA VFD (variable frequency drive) is an electric motor drive and although it will convert single phase to threephase it should never be used as a power source for control circuits, instrumentationcircuits, or to operate other electronic components. The solution should be to isolate and feed the machine control circuit from a separate single phase source and feed the motor from the VFD output. Controlcircuits are almost always single phase even when the machine input is threephase. VFD’s that are rated for three phase input must beproperly rated when single phase inputis used.Mains (input) current will be much higher when single phase power isapplied to three phase rated equipment. Components within a three phase VFD of the same horsepower ratingwill most often not be rated for enough current and will fail. A mathematicalcalculation based upon the motor full load current will determine which VFD touse for the application. When applying single phase to a three phase rateddrive, the horsepower of the drive will always be a higher rating than the motor horsepower rating.

Installation and Commissioning

A contactor or transition switch should never be used on the output of a VFD.Wiring from the VFD output terminals should go directly to the motor. A contactor may beused on the input but never on the output. Properly rated circuit breakers or fuses should always be usedon the input of a VFD.Motor rated circuit breakers and fuses will allow too much currentto pass for too long. Electronic components are less tolerant of short term overcurrent conditions than motors. This information is found in the VFD User Manual.Installation of a VFD and other related equipment should only beperformed by qualified personnel.VFD programming is typically easy for most applications. Programming for anapplication can usually be successfully performed once user manual has been read.