The ABB CP600HMI is designed to be interfaced with the ABB AC500 PLC. The ABB CP600 is ABBs latest HMI, and is now available in a broader range, from the entry level (4.3) to the high-end panel (15). The ABB CP600 HMI is highly flexible and is specifically designed for advanced applications in complex systems or processes. ABB CP600 HMI uses premium graphic panels created with either the PB610 engineering software or the web browser panels via the PLC web server. The ABB CP600 HMI series gives better information representation to ease human-machine interaction.


Engineering software for the ABB CP600 HMI is based on XML technology, enabling you to create easy intuitive graphics. ABB CP600 HMI visual objectsare created with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are totally independent of the operating system, providing high customization flexibility and easy integration with your automation system. The ABB CP600 HMI allows for easy creation of dynamic objects with configurable properties, the ability to interconnect objects, transformation or easy resizing and, quite simply, getting the most out of your creative design.

Additional Features

Additional features of the CP600 Series:
Data acquisition and trend presentation
64k Colors
User memory RAM 128 MB Flash Disk & 256 MB DDR
Recipe data storage
Multilanguage applications
Powerful macro editor using Java script based on standard
ECMA-262 execute widgets and pages events to get more
Alarms and historical alarm list
Eight level password protection
Report printing to serial printer
Vector graphic capabilities including the support of multiple
layers and object transparency
Data display in numerical, text, bargraph, analog gauges and
graphic image formats. Dynamic object properties supported
RSS feeds, rotating menu, scheduler.

Additional information and instruction manuals can be downloaded at the ABB Website.