Lenze Americas

Lenze AmericasLenze Americas is a USA-based, global company who specializes in developing motion control solutions that aims to meet ambitious performance and productivity goals. Lenze Americas has a complete line of ultra-efficient general-purposes variable speed drives, an innovative amplifier servo line, sophisticated servo automation systems and robustly engineered gear motors and mechanical components.

Lenze Americas has a wide, cross-industry group of customers that includes manufacturers of pharmaceutical, food and beverage packing equipment, new product designers, system integrators, engineering consultants, plant managers, installers and end-users of HVAC equipment. Lenze Americas customers engage in demanding applications whose expectations from their suppliers is unyielding; reliability must be taken for granted and responsiveness is non-negotiable.Lenze Americas products are not created in a vacuum; they are developed to respond to customers real needs and to support customers real opportunities.

Lenze Americas Products

Lenze Americas drive and automation technology is used in a wide variety of industries including materials handling, packaging industry, robotics and automotive. Lenze Americas products are carefully coordinated and matched and can be combined as required to provide the right solution for your needs. Lenze Americas automation solutions with integrated software and system engineering and a global customer service network complete the offer. Lenze Americas reliability combines with the quality of their products and services to enable Lenze Americas aim to increase the productivity of their customers in mechanical engineering and that of machine operators.

Lenze America variable frequency drives are used for electronic speed control of AC induction motors. The needs of the market are wide and varied, and we offer a broad range of standard products for everything from simple speed control to complex; each with a wide range of functionality, small physical size and exceptional performance. Lenze Americas variable frequency drives are reliable, flexible to apply, easy to commission, and meet the highest standards of quality. Lenze Americas provide solutions to fulfill nearly any variable frequency drive requirement in the power range between 0.25 kW and 400 kW.

For advanced control technology in the field of industrial automation, Lenze Americas servo drives offer flexible single-axis controller applications, precision torque and velocity control applications. Lenze Americas servo driveproducts range in power from less than 1 kW up to 370 kW for both synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Lenze Americas servo drives easy to use Windows based application software allows you to define your motion applications and provides excellent diagnostic tools for completing your design.

Lenze Americas also manufactures gearboxes, gear motors, servo motors, three phase AC motors, controller-based automation systems, clutches and brakes. To learn more about Lenze Americas or to download technical manuals and other documentation, please visit the Lenze Americas Website.