Lenze M850 Servo Motors

Lenze M850 Servo Motors: U.S. manufacturer releases new servo product

Lenze M850 servo motors are now available!Last week the US-Based, Global manufacturer, Lenze, announced the release of the new Lenze M850 servo motors. This product has moderately dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range. The Lenze M850 servo motors run efficiently, are compact, and easy to control. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks that are needed in packaging and material handling systems.

The Lenze M850 servo motors meet the requirements of high-end applications where maximum dynamic responsiveness and precision are required. With that in mind, the M850 series is especially suitable for positioning tasks in packaging, robotics, and material handling applications where a high degree of quiet, smooth operation is required.

The housing of the Lenze M850 servo motors is smooth and has easy-to-clean surfaces making them also suitable for many applications in the Food Industry. The Lenze M850 servo motors are equipped with a robust resolver feedback system as a standard feature, but, can also be supplied with multi-turn sin/cos encoders for high precision applications.Lenze M850 servo motors are used in conjunction with the following Lenze servo inverters: i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine. Pairing the M850 servo motor with a Lenze servo inverter provides high-performance solutions for applications in the torque range of 5.30 in-lbs to 1,770 in-lbs.

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