Repairing Electric Motor Bearing Housing

Video: Repairing Electric Motor Bearing Housing

Layne from Precision Electric preparing a bearing housing for a sleeve insert.

Precision Electric, Inc - Repairing Electric Motor Bearing Housing

Video Series :: SMVector | The Lenze AC Tech SMVector Product Overview

Today’s video is an overview of theNEMA 1 AC Tech SMVector seriesvariable speed drive features, functions and specifications. TheNEMA 1 AC Tech SMVector seriesvariable speed drive comes equipped with a large amount of functionality including volts / hertz mode, vector mode, sensorless vector mode and advanced volts per hertz mode. There are a large number of built in features for current and line voltage protections as well as certifications for safety regulations such as UL.

Video Series :: SMVector | What is a Variable Frequency (Speed) Drive (VFD)?

In this video we give you a simplified answer to the question “What is a Variable Frequency Drive”

In the video we use anAC Tech SMVector series drive for an example.Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are electronic devices used to control the speed of an Alternating Current Motor (AC Motor).

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are also commonly known as adjustable frequency drives, adjustable speed drives, AC drives and inverters.Variable Frequency Drives have a wide range of application use and operate as load controls within these applications that may accomplish up to a 50% reduction in energy cost.

Thanks for viewing and remember that we sell and service bothVFDs and electric motors. You can always call us with any questions at 574-256-1000 or check out our website for product manuals, frequently asked questions and our Ebay Store.

Video Series :: SMVector | How to Land 120 Volts on Your Lenze AC Tech Drive

In this video we go step by step in showing you how to land 120 volts onto your SMVector variable frequency drive. Ensure you are qualified to handle this electrical equipment before working on it. This process is both easy and painless. The tools you will need are a phillips head screwdriver, wire strippers, your power source leads, wire crimpers, terminal ends and of course, your Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and don’t forget we both service and sell this equipment – you can contact us by telephone at 574.256.1000

How-To :: VFDs | How To Access The Terminal Strip Of Your SMVector Drive (Video)

Thank you all for stopping by. Today we are going to show you how to access the terminal strip on your AC Tech SMVector Series Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). This is a basic introduction to the drive itself and for those of you who have not worked with this product before. You will find doing this is both easy and intuitive – and remember, if you have any additional questions feel free to let us know. Do not forget, larger drives than the one depicted in this video will have a slightly different layout, but the concept will be the same.

Reading VFD Nameplate Data Off Of Your SMVector Drive (Video)

For those of you who are familiar or unfamiliar with Lenze / AC Techs SMVector series drive they have come a long way since their conception. All AC Tech products are manufactured in Uxbridge Massachusettes. Today we discuss how to read the nameplate data off of the drive. It is not as complicated as most might think. This is a great way to determine what voltage inputs, frequencies, phases are required and how to determine whether the Variable Frequency Drive itself is an adequate enough size for the motor you want to connect to it. Enjoy!