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6 Step Basic Setup Of An SMV Variable Frequency Drive

The SMVector Variable Frequency Drive is our product of choice for the majority of customer’s applications. There are a number of factors that make us consider it the best option in the market today. One reason it that it’s extremely cost effective compared to many of their competitors. The SMVector Variable Frequency Drives comes in […]

How To Control How A Motor Starts And Stops

If you’re not familiar with the motor and drive industry, controlling a motor can be intimidating. Technology offers us many solutions when controlling motors and electronics, but not all of those solutions are equal. There are a number of different ways you can control how a motor starts and stops, and it all begins with […]

How To Wire Three Phase Power To An SMVector VFD

The SMVector series of drives supports input voltages up to 600 volts. Although these voltages are pretty much the standard in the US, many people do not realize the differences in wiring between single phase and three phase. Wiring a three phase Lenze / AC Tech SMVector drive is relatively straightforward and it follows consistently […]