Industrial Manufacturing Retrofit

Industrial Manufacturing RetrofitManufacturers tend to avoid original equipment manufacturers’ retrofit solutions, becauseoriginal equipment manufacturers offer retrofits are cost-prohibited and time consuming. Once manufacturers’ equipment is not operating efficiently, maintenance technicians seek alternatives to maximize production. Maintenance technicians initially contact the original equipment manufacturer for solutions to speed up production lines in their manufacturing facilities. Once the original equipment manufacturer offers a retrofit package for their obsolete equipment, the maintenance technician usually cannot justify the retrofit cost and lead time. Fortunately, Precision Electric always offers an alternative solution to original equipment manufacturers’ retrofit packages. Precision Electric has been offering retrofit solutions to manufacturers since 1983. Precision Electric offers less expensive retrofit solutions that include system support, and an in service 12 month warranty.

Retrofit Alternatives

Manufacturers constantly seek new ideas to increase production, and Precision Electric provides retrofit alternatives to meet manufacturers’ production demands. Manufacturersusually do not have alternatives to original equipment manufacturers’ retrofit options, but Precision Electric offers alternatives to original equipment manufacturers’ expensive and uneconomical retrofits.Precision Electric redesigns obsolete equipment with a retrofit for industrial manufacturing facilities across the globe. Retrofitting production lines are a better alternative to purchasing original equipment manufacturers retrofit packages are are far less expensive, because most times original equipment manufacturers’ solutions are cost-prohibited, and obsolete.


Industrial Manufacturing RetrofitPrecision Electric has been designing and retrofitting equipment to increase production in the industrial manufacturing world since 1983.Precision Electric has saved manufacturers thousands of dollars and countless hours in downtime by offering alternative solutions to their customers.

Precision Electric uses the most advanced controls when designing and manufacturing retrofits for manufacturing facilities across the United States. Manufacturers testify that quality retrofits completed by Precision Electric by returning for additional retrofits in their plants and factories. Call Precision Electric today for an industrial manufacturing retrofit quote.



Variable Speed Drive Motors

Variable speed drive motors, also known as inverter-duty motors, are an asset in the industrial manufacturing world. When using a variable speed drive, variable speed drive motors are less likely to fail during production than general purpose motors. Variable speed drive motors exceed general purpose motors in performance, because variable speed drive motors are manufactured to operate at low speed (RPM) without overheating during production.

Variable speed drives generate high voltage spikes in all electric motors. Variable speed drive motors withstand the high voltage
spikes that are generated by variable speed drives, whereas general purpose motors do not. General purpose motors do not have the insulation required to withstand high voltage spikes, so the motor winding on a general purpose motor used with a variable speed drive begins to breakdown, and ultimately, the winding will burn up.

Variable speed drives used on electric motors that are 100hp (or greater) induce harmful voltage levels on the electric motor shaft. When harmful voltage levels exceed the resistance of the motor bearing lubricant, those voltage levels dissipate to the electric motor’s bearing housings. Harmful voltage levels sent to a motor’s bearing housings eventually leads to bearing failure in the electric motor. Variable speed drive motors use special bearings that are designed to withstand the harmful voltage levels that are induced by variable speed drives.

General purpose electric motors can be driven by variable speed drives, but once the general purpose motor fails, an inverter duty motor should replace the general purpose motor. Precision Electric recommends maintenance technicians who use general purpose motors on variable speed drive applications to keep a spare inverter-duty motor to minimize downtime.

Variable speed drive motors are more expensive than general purpose motors, but the increase in cost is worth preventing
downtime in variable speed drive applications when low speed is present.Many variable speed drive applications do not need to operate at low speeds, so variable speed drive motors are cost-prohibited in applications where low speed is not required.

Call Precision Electric for free quotes on variable speed drives, variable speed drive motors, servo motors, and all other industrial related equipment. Precision Electric offers free repair quotes on all industrial electronics equipment and industrial electronics field services.

Eaton SVX9000 Drive Repair

The Eaton SVX9000 variable frequency drive is often seen on Sullair air compressor applications, because it provides Sullair air compressor applications with sensorless vector technology, as well as high speed output frequency up to 7200 Hz. Eaton SVX9000 variable frequency drivesautomatically identify motor parameters in sensorless vector mode as well as U/f mode, which keeps track of parameter changes over time.The Eaton SVX9000 allows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high torque upon start up.

When Eaton SVX9000 drives fail, Eaton is known to recommend replacing the failed SVX9000 drive with a new SVX9000 drive. Customers of Precision Electric have testified that, rather than replacing the failed Eaton SVX9000 drive, a more economical solution is to have Precision Electric repair the failed Eaton SVX9000 drive.

Precision Electric has helped Certified Sullair Repair Centers save thousands of dollars by repairing their failed Eaton SVX9000 drives. Precision Electric has also saved Certified Sullair Service Centers time, because the overall repair time of an Eaton SVX9000 drive is far less than the average lead time of an exact Eaton SVX9000 drive replacement. Eaton SVX9000 drive repair is an asset to Certified Sullair Repair Centers, and Precision Electric is the best source for Eaton SVX9000 drive repair. Precision Electric service technicians have hundreds of years combined experience in bench testing every component in Eaton SVX9000 drives, and replacement of failed electrical components on Eaton SVX9000 drives.

Precision Electric uses the most advanced testing equipment available in the industrial electrical world for testing Eaton SVX9000 drives, and Precision Electric replaces damaged components in Eaton SVX9000 drives with better components than the Original Equipment Manufacturer uses in their Eaton SVX9000 drives.

Precision Electric repair procedures on the Eaton SVX9000 drives are like no other, and most times, the Eaton SVX9000 drive repair made by Precision Electric arrives back to the customer in better condition than when the Eaton SVX9000 drive shipped new from the manufacturer. Call Precision Electric today for a free repair quote on your Eaton SVX9000 variable speed drive.

The 2nd Annual Industrial Services and Training Expo by Precision Electric

Video of Last Years Expo (ISATE 2012)

(A $50.00 per ticket and $100.00 per seminar value!)

The Industrial Services and Training Expo will take place in Precision Electric's 28,000 Square Foot Facility on June 6th, 2013

The Industrial Services and Training Expo will take place in Precision Electric’s 28,000 Square Foot Facility on June 6th, 2013

Join us Thursday, June 6th, 2013!

The Precision Electric Industrial Services and Training Expo is an opportunity for industrial professionals of all mechanical, electrical, technical, managerial and administrative backgrounds to network with one another and get professional training from the most reputable names in the industrial world.

With professional industrial training seminars and presentations from Precision Electric, Baldor, Lenze, AC Tech, ABB, NSK Bearings, AEGIS, Loctite Corporation and more, visitors can have confidence they will be given insights into the most reliable and commonly practiced techniques in the industrial field today.

Each Registrant can earn up to $500.00 in Precision Electric vouchers! Each attendee receives a $100.00 voucher for walking through the door and an additional $100.00 voucher for each training seminar they register for and attend!)

What Are The Schedule Of Events?

As discussed below, the event will take place on June 6th, 2013 between the hours of 9:30 AM and 8:00 PM with the following schedule (subject to change):

9:30 AM – 8:00 PM – Expo doors will be open to customers for walkthrough during the entire duration of the Expo.

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM – Trade Show and Morning Seminars (see seminar training schedule)

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM – Networking Lunch provided by Precision Electric

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM – Trade Show and Afternoon Seminars (see seminar training schedule)

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Networking Reception with Dinner and Drinks provided by Precision Electric

After 8:00 PM the event closes to customers and vendors for post event cleanup.

Who Will Be There and Who Should Come?

The Precision Electric Industrial Services and Training Expo is open to customers and vendors of all technical backgrounds and industries.

Precision Electric is proud to bring together experts from all areas of industry for improving customer efficiency and experience.

The goal of The Industrial Services and Training Expo is to appeal to a broad range of individuals including, but not limited to:

  • Trainees,
  • Maintenance,
  • Maintenance Managers,
  • Engineers,
  • Productivity Managers,
  • Purchasing Managers,
  • CEOs and Company Presidents.

Many popular vendors will be attending and some are even offering training seminars (see the industrial seminar training schedule for more information). These vendors include, but are not limited to:

  • Precision Electric
  • Baldor
  • ABB
  • Cone Gear Products
  • NSK Bearings
  • Lenze Americas
  • Loctite Corporation
  • AC Tech

Why Are Industrial Networking And Training Essential?

Networking and training with other professionals are essential for keeping up with trends of safety, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance, repair and cost effective purchasing.

Precision Electric is proud to bring together experts who have their finger on the pulse of this rapidly changing industrial environment. Doing so allows Precision Electric and its customers to make cost effective business decisions despite to theconstant transitions of vendor ownerships, customer relationships, staffing and industrial regulations.

Where Will The Expo Take Place?

The Expo takes place within Precision Electric’s 28,000 square foot facility located at 1508 West Sixth Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544. Get directions.

Need Directions? Visit Google Maps, Enter your address as the starting point and Choose “Get Directions”.

The Following hotels are within driving distance of the Expo and also within close proximity of the Notre Dame campus, University Park Mall and Grape Road area.

When Is The Expo?

The event takes place from 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM on June 6th, 2013

What Is The Cost For Registration And Training?

The cost is normally $50 per individual and $100 per seminar. However, if you pre-register for the event, Entry and seminars are completely free and can be done at any time through the registration form.

Each attendee receives a $100.00 voucher for walking through the door and an additional $100.00 voucher for each training seminar they register for and attend!)

Will There Be Prizes and Discounts?

Absolutely. There will be a large amount of door prizes given away as well as discount vouchers from Precision Electric’s services. For each member who registers for the Expo, they will receive a $100.00 voucher for each seminar they attend.

How Do I Register?

Each user will need to register individually and, if they desire, select any training seminar(s) they will be interested in attending while at the Expo. You can begin registration by clicking on the “Pre-register Now” link below.

(A $50.00 per ticket and $100.00 per seminar value!)

Mitsubishi Servo Motor Repair

Many Mitsubishi servo motors across the globe are obsolete, which is why Mitsubishi servo motor repair has such high demand. For Mitsubishi servo motors that are not obsolete, the availability of the Mitsubishi servo motor usually exceeds the repair lead time.

Equipment failure is the number one factor in production loss for manufacturing facilities across the globe. It’s important that manufacturing facilities keep spare servo motors on the shelf, to maximize overall production.Most of Precision Electric’s customers keep rebuilt spare Mitsubishi servo motors on their shelf. Once their primary Mitsubishi servo motor fails, the spare is swapped out with the failed unit. The failed Mitsubishi servo motor is then sent to Precision Electric for routine maintenance repair.

Precision Electric routine maintenance of Mitsubishi servo motor repair can save manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars in production loss, as well as repair costs.Precision Electric routine maintenance consists of removing all parts of a Mitsubishi servo motor, cleaning parts and motor winding, replacement of bearings, repair bearing housings if needed, dynamic balance, testing of all electrical components, assembly of servo motor, and final test with motor.

The intent of routine maintenance is to provide manufacturing facilities with optimal production, and also to prevent Emergency or Rush repair services on Mitsubishi servo motors.

Keeping a spare Mitsubishi servo motor is the best method for manufacturing facilities to save on repair costs. If a manufacturer has a spare Mitsubishi servo motor, the failed Mitsubishi servo motor doesn’t need to be worked on around the clock until it has been completely rebuilt.

Call Precision Electric today for free quotes on routine maintenance for Mitsubishi servo motor repairs.