ABB DCS800 VFDThe practical requirements of a modern DC VFD are extremely diverse. A DC drive should be full of features and easy to use which sometimes, isn’t a simple task. The challenge is to find an innovative solution which excels in both, and the solution, is the ABB DCS800 VFD.

The ABB DCS800 VFD offers a simple interface and rich feature set, offering ease of commissioning and smooth adaptation to specific applications. The ABB DCS800 VFD has the widest power ranges in the industry from 10 horsepower through 2,500 horsepower in single VFD module packages and solutions through 1200 volts and 20,000 amps.

The ABB DCS800 VFD has the most advanced digital controller of any DC drive on the ABB power platform. This means that there are 16-bit analog input / output; 5 millisecond response time for overriding control; and integrated speed, torque, PID, and voltage controls as standard features. This makes the automatic tuning feature of the ACS800 simple to commission, macros to simplify setup, and adaptive programming feature that allows ease of custom requirements within the application. The ABB DCS800 VFD is the latest digital technology on a proven power platform.

ABB DCS800 VFD Programming and Communications

ABB DCS800 VFDAdaptive Programming (AP) offers the ability to customize the drive to needs without installation of additional hardware to the ABB DCS800 VFD. Adaptive Programming within the ABB DCS800 VFD also allows the user to change how a digital output works, add a PI Controller, and filter an analog input. The DCS800 can be programmed with the control panel or by using the ABB PC-Based software, DriveWindow Light, which is included with every ACS800 VFD. Adaptive Programming features the flexibility users need to make the drive work to required specifications.

ABB offers a wide range of software to make accessing, programming and diagnostics easier to communicate with the ACS800 than ever before. DriveWindow Light is a powerful PC-Based tool to start up and interface with the ACS800, and DriveWindow Light is included with every ACS800 drive module. More complex applications and systems use High Speed DriveWindow Tool with a host of features, high speed data, and clear graphical presentation of the application operations that make it a valuable addition to any DC Drive System.

For Control Builder users, ABB CoDeSys offers all t he tools needed to create and modify applications. If additional programming or software is needed beyond the CoDeSys, ABB will provide control builders with its own web page with full internet access.

ABB DCS800 VFD Adaptability

The ABB DCS800 VFD functionality increases according to the requirements of the DCS800 user. The user has the ability to include plug-in options such as field bus modules, input / output extension modules, and fiber-optic communication modules. ABB’s field bus alternatives feature full access to drive control and status words to system diagnostics. This makes the choice of automation systems completely independent from the choice of using an ABB DCS800 VFD versus the competition. The ABB DCS800 VFD also offers the adaptability of Control Builder; Control Builder is a tool that puts fully programmable PLC (prgrammable logic control) inside the drive. Control Builder can modify the drive operation, interface, or create entirely new functions for the application equipment.

To learn more about the ABB DCS800 VFD, please visit the ABB Website or contact Precision Electric, Inc.


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VFD Manufacturers in the United States - ABB

VFD Manufacturers

When choosing VFD manufacturers for motor speed control equipment in production, it is recommended by Precision Electric to choose VFD manufacturers who offer extensive technical support for their products.Precision Electric recommends using VFD manufacturers in the United States, such asABBorLenze Americas. VFD manufacturers in the United States such as ABB and Lenze Americas have a reputable past for providing extensive technical support and troubleshooting for their VFD products.

USA VFD Manufacturers – ABB Low Voltage Drives

VFD Manufacturers in the United States - ABBABBlow voltage AC and DC VFD products are manufactured in the United States and are used across all industries and applications.ABBVFD products offer application specific functionality control for different types of motors as well as flexible connectivity to automation networks. ABB VFD products, inverters and converters are proven and reliable solutions backed by global production and life cycle services.

ABB VFD products provide scalable motor control from standard to demanding applications for a wide range of industries, especially in the process industries such as pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, oil, gas, and more.

ABB VFD products are packed with advanced drive technology developed by ABB engineers and are capable of tackling even the most demanding requirements. A wide voltage and power range with various drive configurations and options enable one drive platform to be used for all needs.Precision Electric works closely with VFD manufacturers such as ABB.

Precision Electric offers retrofit solutions with the integration ofABBlow voltage VFD products to increase production time, and to increase energy efficiency for manufacturers across the nation. Precision Electric also offers ABB low voltage VFD distribution, technical telephone support, repair services and certified ABB VFD start up solutions. The ABB VFD Certified Start Up adds an extra one year warranty to anyABBVFDproduct that is installed by qualified Precision Electric service technicians.

USA VFD Manufacturers – Lenze Americas

VFD Manufacturers in the United States - Lenze AmericasLenze AmericasVFD products are manufactured and stocked in the United States.Lenze AmericasVFD and automation technology is used in a wide variety of industries; including materials handling, packaging industry, robotics and automotive. Lenze Americas products are carefully coordinated and matched, and can be combined as required to provide the right solution for production needs. Lenze Americas automation solutions with integrated software and system engineering, and a global customer service, makes Lenze Americas a leader in their industry.

Lenze Americas reliability combined with the quality of their products and services consequently increases the productivity of industrial manufacturing. Precision Electric has been working with Lenze Americas for over 25 years. Precision Electric offers Lenze VFD retrofit solutions to industrial manufacturers to increase energy efficiency and production for manufacturers across the nation. Precision Electric offers Lenze VFD repair services, distribution, and technical support forLenze Americasproducts.

Precision Electric aims to increase production time, while maximizing energy efficiency to manufacturers across the nation.ContactPrecision Electric today for free VFD Repair or VFD Replacement Quotes.







Eaton SVX VFDEatonsSVX9000VFD (variable frequency drive) is thecompact, modular solution to adjustable speed applications. The SVX9000 VFD enables a broad range of new application capabilities, and option cards allow the to configurethe VFD to meet any requirement. With its wide voltagerange, high overload ability, and user-friendly alphanumericalkeypad,SVX9000VFD Drivesare the smart decision forevery user.

There are just three screws that link thecontrol module to the powermodule on the SVX9000 VFD. SVX9000 VFD controlunits are interchangeable withinframe sizes while software,control panels, I/O andcommunication cards arecommon throughout the line.Separating the power andcontrol units provides installationadvantages and reduced spareparts requirements. Forconvenience, theSVX9000VFD isfield convertible from Type 1 toType 12 (frames 46). Itsreduced size equates to lesspanel space used and easyretrofits.

Even when the drive isunpowered, theSVX9000VFDcanbe programmed and tested.The control logic module can bepowered from an external +24Volts DC source so youre ready totrain, test and go live wheneverneeded. Whether you chooselocal or remote operations viathe keypad, simple copy/pastefunctions streamline processes.

TheSVX9000may be configuredwith several differentcommunication protocols,making it easy to communicatewith all commonly used controlsystems. The control unitspowerful microprocessor can beused for local control tasks,thereby freeing resources of thecontrol system for other controltasks. 9000XEngine, Eaton’sversatile block-programmingtool, eliminates the need for aPLC and significantly simplifiesthe control system.

SVX9000 VFD Programming Software

SVX90009000XLoad For SVX9000 VFD

9000XLoad is an easy-to-usetool for the SVX9000 VFD, to upload system,application and option cardsoftware intended for use byengineering, commissioning andservice personnel. 9000XLoad isalso suitable for loading customapplications to the SVX9000 VFD.

9000XDrive For SVX9000 VFD

9000XDrive is a software toolthat allows uploading anddownloading SVX9000 VFD parameters.Parameters can be changed,saved, and uploaded to anynumber of SVX9000 VFD drives.The tool has the ability to printparameters or save them to afile for future use and reference.Parameters can be compared todefault values to determine drivesetup. Operator functions includethe ability to set references,start and stop the drive, andto monitor signals and actualvalues. These values can bedisplayed via a graphic display.

9000XEngine For SVX9000 VFD

Create IEC 1131-3 compliantcustom applications with9000XEngine for the SVX9000 VFD. This graphicaldesign tool customizes thecontrol logic and parameters inthe SVX9000 VFD. Functional BlockDiagram (FBD), Ladder Diagram(LD) and Structured Text (ST)are all part of the functionset. 9000XEngine enables thecreation of parameters, faultmessages and other application relatedfeatures.

To learn more about the Eaton SVX9000 VFD, visit the Eaton Website or contact Precision Electric, Inc.



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Excellent Versus Horrible Packaging When Shipping A VFD

Shipping A VFD

When Shipping A VFD, These Are Examples Of Perfect Packaging Versus Terrible Packaging.

Shipping a VFD (variable frequency drive) safely is important because electronic components can be easily damaged due to poor packaging. When shipping a VFD, the first step to safely package the VFD is to locate an appropriatesize box for everything you intend to ship. When using larger boxes, keep in mind this will mean higher shipping fees from the carrier, and large boxes are unnecessary if you’re shipping small items.

When shipping a VFD, always either use a box supplied by the VFD manufacturer, specifically designed for the VFD, or a cardboard box with thick sidewalls that will not break during shipment.Once an appropriate box has been located, gently place the items in the box and use plenty of packaging materials within the box to keep the VFD safe during shipment. You can use Styrofoam, newspaper, bubble wrap, or any other type of shipping material that will keep the VFD protected within the box during shipment.Once the variable speed drive has been safely boxed up, seal the box with clear shipping tape. Masking tape and duct tape are not recommended and will not be accepted by most shipping carriers. Clear packaging tape is easy to find and holds cardboard better.

Precision Electric receives VFD Drives that are damaged during shipping nearly every day, but for the most part, VFD Drive users are aware that it’s important to package equipment safely when shipping a VFD, no matter how far of a distance the drive will be shipping. Call Precision Electric for VFD Drive repair quotes or variable speed drive replacement quotes.