HMI Solutions

HMI Solutions

HMI solutions allowforinteractive operation and control between humans and machines. An HMI (human-machine interface) provides feedback from the industrial machine to the end user. This feedback allows the end user to make changes so that the machine is more effective in production. An HMI can also provide a way to control, manage, monitor and visually operate processes during production.HMI solutions are usedin robotics, process controls, ergonomics, PLC and other industrialapplications.

An industrial HMI systems processing power determines its usability and its ability torender complex screens. An HMI’s fastresponse time to user input and exibility tohandle multiple levels of operator interactions is also determined upon the processing power within the HMI.HMI’s require dynamically changing graphics that require a high-performance solution that can achieve the 60 frame per second refresh rate that’s required at the rightresolution. HMI’s also have to support multipleconnectivity and communications protocols tocommunicate between the operator and variousmachines and control systems.

HMI solutions range from simple displays to high resolution LCD panels. HMI solutions can be mounted on a user’smachine, portable handheld devices, or installed in centralized control cabinets. With HMI, users can process control to connect sensors, actuators and machines on the plant oor; to I/O control and PLC systems.

ABB HMI Solutions

Individual ABB HMI solutions provide operators with an overview on profitable production – coupled with the ability to manually intervene, if necessary. ABB HMI solutions makecommunication protocols possible these control panels the ideal complement to ABB PLCs, Drives and Robots.The control panel series CP600 provides HMI solutions with color touch screens from 4.3 to 15.

The ABBCP600 range is dedicated for machines and systems requiring visualization performance or representative design. The CP600-WEB range is similar to theCP600, while the visualization is based on the web server of the AC500 PLC platform. This provides the user with an advantage of less cost.

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Eaton VFD M

Eaton VFD Motor Drives

Eaton VFD motor drives can reduce energy consumption in factories from 10 to 50 percent. Technicians achieve thisenergy reductionthrough motor speed reduction. Since most equipment does not require the full load motor speed for effective production, an electric motor’sneeded output speedis reducedvia Eaton VFD motor drives. Reduced energy consumption lowers utility expenses and in some cases, the investment of Eaton VFD motor drives quickly pay forthemselves.

The DG1 general-purpose Eaton VFD motor drives are part of thePowerXL series. The DG1is specifically engineered for todays moredemanding commercial and industrial applications. EatonDG1 drives offer an industry-leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating, safety, and reliability. The LCX9000 drive is liquid-cooled to utilize potable water or a water-glycol mixture as a cooling medium. The LCX9000 drive has a compactsize and low heat transfer rates to allow the enclosure size to be greatly reduced, which is especially beneficial in UL Type 4X applications.

The CFX9000 clean power Eaton VFD motor drives use tuned passive filters to significantly reduce line harmonics at the drive input terminals. These drives are idealfor small tomidsize applications where harmonics are problematic. The CPX9000 drives are used for pump, waste water, HVAC,industrial and process industries, where harmonics are present. They offer one of the purest sinusoidal wave forms available in the VFD market.

The SVX9000Eaton drive offers sensor-less vector technology with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit. This technologyallows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. The SVX9000 is suitable for multiple motor drivesystems and high-speed applications.

Eaton VFD MotorDrives That Are Obsolete

TheSLX9000Eaton VFD motor drivesare compact, powerful and are based on the more robust SVX9000. The SVX9000 is a newer version of the obsolete SLX9000. It is designed to be the next generation of drives specifically engineered for moderncommercial and light industrial applications. Eaton MVX9000 series drives are obsolete and replaced by Eaton M-MAX drives. The M-Max drive is a compact micro drive with a broad power range. Typical applications for the M-Max include Food and Beverage, HVAC, Packaging, Pumping, Textile, OEM, and more.

The HVXEatonVFD motor drives are replaced by the Eaton H-MAX drives. The H-MAX series are designed to the HVAC market for fan, pump, and fluid control applications. The patented energy savings algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and intuitiveuser interface provide customers an energy efficient, safe, and easy to use solution for variable frequency drive needs.

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ABB VFD Life Cycle

ABB VFD Life Cycle Transition ACS800 Series

ABB VFD life cycle of ACS800 series products will see an increased lead time of approximately 20 days for classic products. Clarification on which products are affected and which ones are not can be found below.At the end of May 2016 thisannouncement was published to make light ofthe life cycle transition from Active to Classic at the end of 2016.

The following products are NOT affected by this life cycle transition and will remain in theactive phase. A future announcement will define the timing of their ABB VFD life cycle transition.


The following products AREaffected by this life cycle transition and will transition to classic phaseat the end of 2016.

  • ACS800-U1
  • ACS800-U4 (Frames R2-R6)
  • ACS800-U4 (Frames R7 and R8)
  • ACS800-PC
  • ACS800-01
  • ACS800-04 (Frames R2-R6)
  • ACS800-04 (Frames R7 and R8)
  • ACS800-07
  • ACS800-U7
  • ACS800-x04
  • ACS800-x07


As a result of the ongoing success of the transition from the ACS800 to the ACS880, lead times for the ACS800 products transitioning to Classic phase will increase to a minimum of 20 days.As the leading supplier of variable frequency drives, we are prepared to provide world-class support. We look forward to assisting you in this transitional phase and each subsequent life cycle phase. For ABB VFD life cycle repair or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.