Lenze USA VFD Drives

Lenze USA VFD Drives

Lenze USA is a manufacturer based out of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Lenze USA is also known as Lenze Americas and AC Tech. Lenze USA manufactures high-performance VFD Drive products used to optimize new and existing machinery. Lenze USA is one of the leading drive and automation specialists in the field of machine engineering. Rapidly changing times present manufacturers with new and varied challenges. To succeed in the future, manufacturers will need to handle more extensive tasks in even shorter time frames; Lenze USA aims to reach this ideal.

SMV Series: The SMV series of Lenze USA VFD drives offer sophisticated auto-tuning and fast dynamic torque response. The SMV is designed for motor applications where dynamic speed and torque control is demanded. The SMV series is an attractive solution for a broad range of applications including: food processing machinery, packaging machinery, material handling, conveying systems, HVAC systems, and more. The SMV series uses an Electronic Programming Module (EPM) for programming. Maintenance techs can easily use the EPM to reconfigure drive parameters or reset the drive. When a drive reset is necessary on the SMV, customers can reset to factory default or preset settings within seconds. When SMV drives must be replaced, the parameter configuration can be saved by the user by simply plugging in the pre-programmed EPM.

MC1000 Series: The MC1000 Series of Lenze USA VFD drives are the intelligent, versatile and cost-effective choice for industrial applications. From harsh environments to high torque loads, the M1000 Series drives meet the toughest requirements with reliability, at a low cost. Customers can easily program the MC Series and integrate extensive I/O with an array of programmable functions. The M1000 is available in power ranges of 1/4 to 150 HP. The MC1000 offers Enhanced Torque System (ETS). ETS allows maximum starting and accelerating torque and tight speed regulation, even under fluctuating load conditions. M1000 drives feature manual boost for high starting torque, and auto-boost for high torque acceleration at any speed. The M1000 features power-up & auto restart modes, sleep mode with adjustable speed threshold and time. The MC1000 also offers an optional Form C Relay and Dynamic Braking.

M3000 Series:The M3000 series of Lenze USA VFD drives are for process control demands with fast acceleration and response. The M3000 is rated for constant torque applications but can easily be configured for variable torque applications. Most Process Control drives are designed for variable torque applications where the motor is driving a centrifugal fan or pump. As such, these drives are limited to 110% current for overload situations such as acceleration or responding to a feedback change. The MC3000 is a true Constant Torque drive rated for 180% of rated current for 30 seconds and 150% for one minute. This allows faster response to system changes and the ability to apply the MC3000 to non-centrifugal applications such as compressors, conveyors and other constant torque loads. The M3000 is available in the same power ranges and voltages as the M1000.

MCH Series: The MCH series of Lenze USA VFD drives are available from 1 to 250 HP. The MCH series were designed for the HVAC market and specific requirements of industrial and commercial installations. The MCH series are designed to operate standard induction motors. The MCH Series offers intuitive operator interface using simple programming and operational information. The MCH series allows drive software to adjust the motor speed to maintain a preset pressure, flow, temperature or other variables using PID setpoint control. The MCH Series include UL and cUL approved motor protection for single motor applications. The MCH Series is seen in applications such as fans, pumps and cooling towers.

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ABB Drive Browser

ABB Drive Browser Software

ABB Drive Browser is an Ethernet network based drive monitoring and tuning PC tool that supports low voltage machinery, general purpose, and industrial drives throughout their life cycle. ABB Drive Browserhelps users monitor, maintain and set drive parameters on drives connected to an Ethernet network.

ABB Drives using an Ethernet adapter can share the same network where PLCs using Modbus/TCP or EtherNet/ IP protocols are connected. This allows users to take advantage of installed networks and reduces additional cabling and infrastructure communication costs. ABB Drive Browser includes a parameter browser allowing users to view and set individual parameter values. Parameter sets that have been saved can be used to commission new drives. Additionally, users can compare parameter sets to quickly identify changes over time or changes in configurations. Drive signals are also displayed in the parameter browser. The monitor functionality enables users to graphically view signals and parameters while the drive is running. Users select the parameters and signals and set the graphs minimum and maximum values. The resulting display shows each selected value on a graph while the drive is operating. This data can be used to tune the drive for improved performance. The collected data can be saved to a file. The ABB drive status window displays the drives current status, showing the drive’s control mode, operation status, output frequency, current, power, speed, and the drive state. Once the installed drives are connected to the network using a fieldbus adapter, users may assign meaningful names to each connected drive and identify drives by type. ABB Drive Browser provides a built-in drive control panel allowing users to reset faults, start, stop, set the direction, and speed reference values of the connected drive. This functionality may be disabled if the controlling PLC does not allow it for networks that are controlled by a PLC.

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The three products that make up the ABB ACS880 series are:single drives, multidrives, and drive modules.In this article I will provide a brief product overview for each of the three ACS880 drives.

ABB ACS880 VFD products are designed to tackle all motor-driven applications, in all industries, and in allpower ranges. The ABB ACS880 is compatible with virtually all processes, automation systems, users and business requirements. The innovation behind the ACS880 drives is VFDarchitecture that simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output. The ACS880 series consists of single drives, multidrives and drive modules.

ABB ACS880 VFDsingle drives are complete drives and can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure. ABB ACS880 VFDsingle drivescontain a rectifier, optional EMC filter, reactor, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit. ABB single drives are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built constructions. The key features of ABB single drivesare programming and configuration, during both ordering and commissioning, which makes adaptation to different applications simple for technicians.

ABBs ACS880 multi-drivesare mounted into a cabinet and the complete assembly isoffered and delivered as one package. Often, ABB ACS880multi-driveswill include additional accessories such as contactorsand earth fault protection units. ABBmulti-drives are built from ABB industrial drive modules connected to a common DC bus. This enables a singlepower entry and common braking resources for several drives.This construction simplifies the total installation, and results in many benefits, including: savings in cabling, reducedinstallation and maintenance costs, reduced line currents and more. The ACS880 multi-drives are stock products; with the option of built to order customization, to meet every user need.

ABB ACS880drivemodulesare designed for fast, cost-effective installation and integration into a customers own control cabinet. ABB ACS800drivemodulesenable OEMs, and system integration panel builders to build their own drive while maximizing benefits fromABB drive technology, such as DTC motor control, adaptive programming and a wide range of built-in and external options.ACS880 drive modules drives have a configuration that contains a rectifier, DC link and an inverter. ABB provides detailed cabinet installation instructions and other support material to help customers buildtheir own solutions.

ABB ACS880 VFD products provide endless possibilities for industries such as metals, oil and gas, mining, marine, offshore, material handling, pulp and paper, automotive, food and beverage, cement, power, water and waste-water. Visit the ABB website to learn more about ACS880 products. For ABB ACS880 repair and replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

VFD Speed Controller

VFD Speed Controller

A VFD speed controller is also known as a variable frequency drive, variable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, VFD or, aninverter.

A VFD speed controller is asolid state electric motor control system, designed to control the speed of an electric motor. A VFD speed controller can reduce energy costsup to 50% by speed reduction on electric motorswhere the full speed of the electric motor is not needed. VFD speed controller functions allow an AC electric motor to only operate when needed, which allows an electric motor to last longer.Technology has allowed VFDs to reduce in cost and physical size, and has improved performance through advances in semiconductor switching devices, simulation, control techniques, control hardware, and software.

Approximately one third of electrical energy in the world is supplied by electric motors in fixed-speed centrifugal pump, fan, and air compressor applications. These fixed-speed applications do not usually require full load speed of the electric motor theyre operating. By installing a VFD speed controller to these applications, electric motor speeds are reduced and power costs can be reduced by 50% or more.Properly applied VFD speed controllers withelectric motorswill also significantly reduce energycosts for variable torque loads such as fans, blowers, and pumps.Blowers are often used with dampers to control air flow that operate either manually or automatically. When dampers are closed, 50% of the electric motor current will drop to approximately 60% of full load nameplate current. By utilizing VFD speed controllersin blower applications, the current draw of the motor will be reduced 30% for every 10% drop in speed. Electric motors controlled by VFD speed controllersat 50% speed will draw approximately 20% of the electric motor full load current.

VFD speed controllersare also used on rotating equipment toreduce amperage spikes upon start up of large electric motors.Adjusting the acceleration and deceleration time of electric motors can extend the lifespan of an electric motor. Using a drive on an electric motor provides the ability to increase or decrease the frequent starting and stopping of an AC electric motor. Limiting the starting and stopping of a motor, and controlling the ramp up and ramp down speed of amotor, allows for decreased wear and extended lifetime of the motor. VFD speed controllers are used in AC servo systems, air compressors, conveyor systems, lathes, mills, plastic extrusion, slitter lines, bottlers, packaging lines, pharmaceutical production, food processing, HVAC systems, waste water treatment systems, submersible pumps, fans, blowers, and many more electric motor applications.

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Compressor Speed Control Products – Repair Or Replace?

A compressor speed control is also known as a VFD, variable frequency drive, adjustable speed drive,or an inverter. To repair the compressor speed control, unique experience and training are needed. Repairing a compressor speed control should be taken with extreme caution. Alwaysconsult an expert in the field when repairing or troubleshooting industrial electrical equipment. Most compressor speed controls have an internal DC bus that retains a charge after power has been cut to the drive, and as a result, the power being cut doesn’t mean that the equipmentissafe to work with. Technicians working with a compressor speed control and other electrical equipmentmust always take extra precautions to ensure proper safety measures are taken to prevent injury or death.

Compressor Speed Control, Repair Or Replace?

Compressor speed control repair services are an assetfor Sullair service centers and other manufacturers. In most cases, the replacement of a speed control is more expensive and more time consuming than a repair. The extent of damage present in a compressor speed control will determine whether or not the equipment can be repaired. The speed control must be tested, disassembled, and inspected thoroughly by trained technicians to diagnose the cause of failure and determine repair cost.

Most companies who offer repair services for speed control products, outsource the repair to third party repair centers. Then, the service center offering this repair service, will mark up the cost for being the “middle man”. Precision Electric performs these repairs for third parties every day. Sometimes the speed control manufacturer also offers repair services but then once they have the speed control in their possession, they tell the customer that the speed control cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced. Precision Electric repairs compressor speed control products all the time after manufacturers have deemed the equipment “not worth repair” or“needs to be replaced”.

Eaton Cutler Hammer, for example, is a manufacturer of speed control products, that offers VFD repair services for their products. Sending the speed control to Eaton for repair isn’t the most economical solutionbecause Eaton has extensive lead times for repairs, and Eaton almost always ends up recommending replacing the entire speed control.Precision Electric offerscomplete Eatonspeed control repair and all repairs are performed in house, at Precision Electric.

Over the past decadeVFDtechnology has become a cost efficient way to reduce power costs and increase system efficiency. Manufacturers within a wide range of industries are finding more ways to apply VFD’s to their rotating equipment.From past experience, smaller horsepower VFD’s typically fail in eight years and are more often replaced rather than repaired.Larger horsepower VFD’s last longer by virtue of repairs that often require replacement of circuit boards and other electrical components.

To repair or replace your compressor speed control products, contact Precision Electric.