ABB Variable Frequency

ABB Variable Frequency Drive Repair, Procedure Summary

ABB variable frequency drive repair should beginwith checking the electric motor connections and driveterminal connections. Motor and driveconnections can be missed, installed loosely or wired to the incorrect terminals, so checking all connections is recommended before pulling the drivefor a repair evaluation. Heat cycles and mechanical vibration can lead to sub-standard connections. Reusing torque screws is not a good idea, and further tightening an already tight connection can ruin the connection. Bad connections eventually lead to arcing. Arcing at the drive input terminal can result in over voltage faults, clearing of input fuses, or damage to protective components. Arcing at the driveinput or output terminals may result in over-current faults or damage to the power components. Loose connections can cause erratic operation. For example, a loose START/STOP signal wire can cause uncontrollable starting and stopping of the motor. A loose speed reference wire can cause the drive speed to fluctuate, resulting in scrap, machine damage, and personnel injury.


Diode and IGBT Testing

Prior to applying power during the ABB variable frequency drive repair, the input and output power sections aretested. If there is a short on the input side or output side of the drive, further damage can be caused to the unit if power is applied to it. For this reason, special meters should be used to properly test the input and output power sections of the drive prior to applying power to the driveunit. If a short is found, the drivecan be disassembled and the cause of the short can be diagnosed and quoted for repair. If the driverepairs are too costly, drivereplacement should be considered.


Power Up

If the input and output power sections test healthy during the ABB variable frequency driverepair process, power can be applied to the driveto perform amp reading and output frequency testing. Slowly increasing the power voltage during this step of the driverepairs process is suggested to gather accurate meter readings and to protect the motor. The power voltage is slowly increased on the driveuntil the rated input voltage of the drive is reached. Depending on whether or not the driveprovides a display will determine what further action will be taken. If display is unavailable, disassemble and diagnosis of the internal power supply of the control section of the drive is necessary to further evaluate cause of failure and establish cost and lead time of the driverepairs.


Motor Testing

If the previous three tests have passed during the ABB variable frequency driverepair process, a basic JOG/ RUN function of the drive can be performed with a simple template program. When a drivecomes into our facility, repair techs will backup all existing programs stored in the drive prior to installing a test template program for testing. Backing up the driveprogram ensures that we have a backup copy of the program to install after the repair is complete. The best method for backing up driveprograms will depend on the series and model of drive that’s being repaired. After the driveprograms have been backed up, the driveis reset to factory default through the keypad and then recommissioned to a basic START / STOP function of the driveconnected to its motor. Closed loop testing will be necessary when an encoder or tachometer is involved. If the motor will not run, the output voltages and motor current ratings are tested to verify that the drive is functioning properly to rotate the motor.


Safety Precautions

Manufacturers are encouraged to ensure that their ABB variable frequency driverepair are being performed at the actual site of whoever is offering the service. Driverepairs should be taken with extremecaution and only be performed by technicians who have required training and experience to work with electrical equipment. Precision Electric strongly recommends to consult an expert in the field when repairing all industrial electrical equipment. Many drive controllers have an internal DC bus that retains a charge after power has been cut to the drive, and as a result, electrical current is still present afterpower is shut down. Technicians performing VFD repairs must always take extra precautions to ensure proper safety measures are taken, or injury or even death may occur.


Precision Electric receives ABB variable frequency driverepair everyday from companies who offer drive repair services; those third party repair companies will have Precision Electricperform the repair, and then they will mark up the repair cost to their customers. Going straight to Precision Electric for drive repairs will prevent these added costs and prevent extensive lead times.For ABB variable frequency driverepairs and replacements, contact Precision Electric.

Lenze Price Increase

Lenze Price Increase – Effective May 1st, 2017

Lenze Price IncreaseEffective May 1st, 2017, has been atopic of discussion for several months. Lenze Americas (formerly AC Tech Corporation) originally announced this price increase in March of 2017. Lenze iscommitted toproducing the most innovative products in the industry. Lenze latest product offerings of the i500 and the g500 are proving to give customers a competitive edge in their marketplace with motion control solutions.

The Lenze price increase will be applied to SMV products, i500 products, Global drive products, and Sub Micro products that have been in the market for over 15 years. Sub Micro Series products include MC1000 (MC), SMV, SCF, SCM and SCL series products. Some of theproducts that will see a price increase are beginning their phase-out period. Products in the phase-out period will no longer be available for purchase within two years from today. The chart below hasdetailed information on all products that will be affected by the Lenze price increase. There is also additional information on this chart regarding products that are in the phase-out period. Products that arenot listed, will stay in regular production and stay the same price.

Product: Increased By:

Submicro Series (SMV, i500, MC1000*,SCM*, SCF*, SCL*, TML*)
Global Drives (82v, 82m, 93s, 93v, ECS)*
Global Drives Series Accessories and Filters



Electromechanical Small Drives (SSN)10.00%
Controls – EL100, X80010.00%
Controls – EPM-H15.00%
Intorq products, brakes, clutches, couplings,belts, pulleys2.0%

*These products have been in the market for over 15 years and are beginning their phase-out period.While the phase-out period is two years away, we would like to assist you in the migration process to provide an upgraded replacement. Please contact Precision Electric: 877-625-2402 for any application or migration assistance.

Please note:
All previously issued Price Books will be obsolete.If you have any of the above products that need replaced, contact Precision Electric before May 1st, 2017 to avoid the Lenze price increase. For additional product information, visit the Lenze Website. For Lenze product replacement quotes or product repair quotes, contact Precision Electric.
Lenze USA VFD Drives

Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers: ABB, Eaton, Lenze, and Hitachi

Variable frequency drive manufacturers offer products to be used with electric motors.A variable frequency drive is also known as a VFD, variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, electronic motor controller, or an inverter. Every VFD is unique with its own component characteristics; so, how each VFD works is dependent upon components within the VFD. Most VFDs integrate a solid state electronics controller, consisting of a bridge rectifier, a converter, and an inverter module. Properly applied variable frequency drives can significantly reduce production operating costs.

Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers: ABB

ABB low voltage drives are used globally. ABB low voltage drives are designed specifically for the following industries: textile, material handling, mining, cement, rubber and plastics, food and beverage, consumer goods, automotive, oil and gas, pulp and paper, water filtration, and waste water treatment. ABB manufactures specific products for each of these industries to provide the best possible performance while keeping cost to an absolute minimum.

ABBmicro drivesinclude models ACS55 and ACS150. ABB micro drives are very easy to install and set up. ABB micro drives provide flexible mounting alternatives and straightforward configuration for many basic applications. Each drive is tested before it leaves the factory providing high machineavailability. ABB local customer and technical support is available no matter where ABB micro drives are delivered and installed. ABBmachinerydrives include models ACS55, ACS150 and ACS355. ABB machinery drives are designed to meet the production and performance needs of machine builders, system integration specialists, panel builders and end users. ABB machinery drives can be flexibly programmed to meet the demands of different machine solutions. A wide range of features and options provide optimal solutions.

ABB ACS880single drivesare complete drives and can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure. ABB single drive modules configuration contains a rectifier, optional EMC filter, reactor, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit. ABB single drives are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built constructions. The key features of ABB single drivesare programmability and configurability during both ordering and commissioning, which makes adaptation to different applications easy. ABBs ACS880multi-drivesare mounted into a cabinet and the complete assembly isoffered and delivered as one package. Often, the multi-driveswill include additional accessories such as contactorsand earth fault protection units. ABBmulti-drives are built from ABB industrial drive modules connected to a common DC bus. This enables a singlepower entry and common braking resources for several drives.This construction simplifies the total installation, and results in many benefits, including: savings in cabling, reducedinstallation and maintenance costs, reduced line currents and more.ABB multi-drives are built-to-order products.ABB is one of several variable frequency drive manufacturers offered by Precision Electric.

Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers: Eaton / Cutler Hammer

Eaton/Cutler Hammer drives are system drives designed for simple to complex applications. Eaton SVX9000 drives are used in Sullair air compressor applications throughout the United States. Eaton SVX9000 drives are also used globally in oil refineries, marine vessel, power distribution and alternative energy applications. Eaton’sSVX9000adjustable frequency drive offers sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit features.. This technology allows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. TheSVX9000is suitable for multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications.EatonSPX9000drives are designed specifically for high-performance applications. EatonSPX9000drives feature high processing power and the ability to use information from an encoder or a resolver to provide precise motor control. In addition, a fast microprocessor provides high dynamic performance for applications where good motor handling and reliability are required.Eaton is one of several variable frequency drive manufacturers offered by Precision Electric.

Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers: Lenze Americas

Lenze Americas drives are mainly used for any application that does not require speed feedback. Lenze drives are built in America and are an inexpensive solution for food processing, packaging machinery, materials handling, conveying systems, and HVAC systems. The SMV series ofLenzedrives range from IP31 (NEMA 1) and IP65 (NEMA 4/NEMA 4X) in power ratings from 120V to 240V through 480V and600V. The SMV series of Lenzedrives offer sophisticated auto-tuning, fast dynamic toque response with impressive low-speed operation all from a compact and simple to use package. The SMV range is designed for motor applications where dynamic speed and torque control is demanded, making the units ideal for conveyors, food production lines, packaging equipment plus fan & pump systems.The SMV series of Lenze drives use a price leadership tradition in the highly competitive AC drive market. With the benefit of a two year warranty, the SMV series of Lenzedrives offerperformance and flexibility make it an attractive solution for a broad range of applications.

The SMV series ofLenzedrives use price leadership in delivering unparalleled performance and simplicity. The SMV series of Lenze drives is the right choice forperformance, power, packaging and intuitive programming. The Lenze SMV series of Lenze drives use anElectronic Programming Module (EPM) for programming. The Lenze EPM makes for ease of hassle-free reconfiguration within each parameter or resetting the drive to factory or user default settings. When drive reset is necessary, reset to factory default or customer settings in seconds with the EPM. When the EPM equipped drive is used on a line containing multiple drives with the identical setup, it takes just minutes to program the entire line. TheEPM’s can be replaced with or without power connected. When a drive must be replaced, the parameter configuration is not lost, simply plug in the pre-programmed EPM. Lenze is one of several variable frequency drive manufacturers offered by Precision Electric.

Variable Frequency Drive Manufacturers: Hitachi

Hitachi AC Variable frequency drives are utilized for an array of applications. Hitachi drives are equipped with several advanced features and deliver unprecedented performance and reliability. Hitachi drives are a result of high degree of commonality between models and user friendly configuration software making them easy to install, program and maintain. The SJ700DHitachi inverter is designed with more capabilities and functions of its predecessor, the Hitachi SJ700B Series. SJ700D inverters come with improved sensorless vector (SLV) control algorithm, which allows the SJ700D Series to develop 150% torque at 0.5 Hz, ideal for a wide range of applications. Another key upgrade in the SJ700D Series is the addition of Hitachi’s EzSQ (Easy Sequence) built-in programming function, which provides the functionality of a PLC built into the inverter.

SJ700D inverters offer built in programming functions. Sequence operations are used by downloading programs created with Hitachi’s EzSQ software and then transferred to the Hitachi inverters. Operation of SJ700D inverters can be tailored to meet changing process requirements and SJ700D inverters can replace separate PLC’s in some cases to simplify or eliminate external hardware, which reduces cost and increases performance. SJ700D Hitachi inverters through 150kW have a built-in EMC filter to reduce electromagnetic noise, cost and space.SJ700Dinverters have a lifetime warning function to allowpreventive maintenancebefore a failure occurs.

The Hitachi industrial WJ200 Series AC Variable FrequencyDrives range from 100-200V single phase input to three phase output, and 200-240V three phase input / output, and 390-480V three phase input / output. The WJ200 Variable Speed Drive comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control that provideshigh starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications. Hitachi is one of several variable frequency drive manufacturers offered by Precision Electric.

For variable frequency drive repair or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

ABB Announces Release

ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive Released By ABB

ABBACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is the latest offering of ABB configured drives. This product was announced and released by ABB on March 31st, 2017. The ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive features a single ACS880-01 flange-mounted variable frequency drive in a wall mounted or floor standing enclosure and is available in a UL type 1 or type 12 design. It also features a wide selection of optional components including a manual two-contactor bypass with or without a soft start and a variety of power filters.

The ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is a pre-engineered space-saving solution, with ABB quality inside and out. It can be used in a variety of industries including chemical, oil and gas, mining, material handling, pulp and paper, saw mills and cement. Applications include extruders, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, pumps and fans. The ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is available up to 200 HP and is engineered for indoor locations in industrial environments. The ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive is available in 230VAC from 1hp to 100hp and in 460VAC from 1hp to 200hp.

Standard Features

  • ABB ACS880-01 enclosed drive, flange mounted
  • Wall-mount or floor-standing enclosure
  • Lockable fused disconnect switch
  • UL Type 1 or Type 12 enclosure
  • UL listed with 100 kA SCCR
  • Rigid enclosure with fans and filters
  • Door-mounted control panel
  • Top or bottom entry or exit
  • Engineered for ease of service

ABBs common drive architecture features a user interface, parameter menu structure, accessories and PC tools common across the ACS880 platform. The standard ACS880 part number will just change from ACS880-*** to ACS880-PE-*** everything else in the part number being the same as before, except the added PE suffix. The lead time for ACS880-PE drives as of 4-5-2017 is 8 weeks short term, and 6 weeks long term. For additional information on the ABB ACS880-PE Enclosed Drive, visit the ABB Website. For ABB drive repair and replacement, contact Precision Electric.