ABB Process Automation: New I/O Solution now available

ABB Process automation projects have employed controller-centric distributed control system (DCS) architectures for decades. This approach creates dependencies between project tasks that complicate late changes. ABBs new I/O solution will make late and over budget ABB process automation projects a thing of the past.

For many years, controller-centric DCS architectures have been used in process automation projects. However, a controller-centric approach ties the multichannel I/O modules to a particular process controller, thus creating dependencies between project tasks, which complicates late changes. This aspect is known to be a primary cause of project cost overrun and schedule delay and is the reason why automation tasks are on the critical path in many capital projects.

ABBs new I/O solution and corresponding engineering software for the ABB AbilityTM System 800xA platform will make over budget or late ABB process automation projects a thing of the past.

ABB process automation:Freeze Over

Traditionally, most industrial technical projects feature a design freeze at a relatively early stage. After this point, automation engineers can finalize their design, order the required hardware such as controllers, I/O, etc. and start application programming. Changes made after the design freeze often results in rework and the later the changes are made, the higher the rework cost and the higher is the chance of a schedule delay. For companies that run many concurrent, there are large capital investment projects, each of which may be affected and they involve dozens of subcontractors and vendors for the project. The cumulative cost overruns and schedule delays can be significant. For this reason, these companies have long partnered with process automation providers to combine information stored in databases and spreadsheets with smart instrumentation and devices, digital fieldbus technologies and Ethernet-based I/O solutions to enable control systems to self-configure and validate, test, and provide documentation automatically. Adopting such an approach promotes the decoupling of ABB process automation project inter-dependencies and thus facilitates parallel execution. In particular, I/O commissioning can be done in parallel with the application engineering.

ABB process automation:System 800xAs Select IO to the rescue

To expedite the commissioning of I/O in parallel with other project engineering tasks and thus reduce the impact of hardwired signal changes, ABB developed an extension to the System 800xA family of I/O solutions called Select IO. Select IO is a single-channel I/O system for both process and safety applications that communicates with the system via a redundant industrial Ethernet I/O network 3. A redundant network has the characteristic that it is not tied to one particular controller.

Select IO has many benefits:

  • Terminations can be installed and wired in the field early on in the project, thus negating the need for bulky marshalling cabinets.
  • Many aspects of Select IO are standardized. This reduces testing overhead.
  • The hardware, I/O and the application can all be simulated in software.

Further, in the traditional approach to process automation projects, multichannel I/O modules were usually ordered from the supplier just after design freeze so that panel shops could start the assembly process. Any late changes would cause rework. With Select IO, the signal types (AI, AO, DI, DO) representing analog and digital inputs and outputs) can be defined much later by adding individual signal conditioning modules (SCMs), thus reducing the importance of the design freeze and the financial impact of any late changes. These factors allow standardized and compact Select IO cabinets to be built, pre-engineered, pretested and sent to site, where they can be installed and wired much earlier in the ABB process automation project than a traditional cabinet would be.

ABB process automation:new marshal in town

When I/O is made available on an Ethernet network, all the controllers can access it. Therefore, the I/O can be marshalled digitally, instead of physically with marshalling cabinets or cross-wiring. If a control application that requires connectivity to certain I/O signals is moved from one controller to another, no rework will be required as the I/O connectivity is marshalled automatically when the controller compiles its application software. This scheme minimizes the need for change orders to the end user or engineering contractor.

ABB process automation: xStream Engineering – configure, check, connect

The xStream Engineering concept encompasses the idea that, by using System 800xA, multiple (or x) work streams can occur simultaneously and autonomously (or decoupled) from each other. By reducing the dependencies of various project tasks and providing a means for them to converge later in the project, the risk of project delay is greatly reduced and the probability of on-time, or early, project completion is greatly increased. At the heart of this concept is the Ethernet I/O Wizard, which is part of the System 800xA engineering software. This can be used in any ABB process automation project but is best used to configure and functionally check Select IO in the field prior to, and separate from, the delivery of the application.

To illustrate how xStream engineering functions, consider two simple work streams. One stream comprises the tasks that can be performed in the field while the other is the application work done in another location (often at the offices of ABB or the system integrator). In the field, the I/O cabinets can be delivered early in the project and then later, just before commissioning occurs, the following steps are carried out:

  • Configure On a particular cluster of Select IO, the Select IO module base is populated with the SCM that matches the I/O type. Then a field kit comprising a controller and laptop with System 800xA engineering tools is connected to the Ethernet I/O field communications interface (FCI). The Select IO is automatically scanned and configured using data from the I/O list, including signal name, and supplemented with HART configuration data that resides within the field instrument. A test configuration is also automatically created based on the I/O type detected to help with functional loop checks.
  • Check with the I/O configured and a test configuration downloaded to the controller, smart and non-smart field equipment can be functionally checked in the field in parallel with the application engineering being done back at ABB process automation project center. Using System 800xAs documentation manager loop check templates, field testing and verification documentation is created and stored.
  • Connect: Once functionally checked, the I/O structure can be imported into the product application, which was engineered using the same signal names as the I/O configuration. Upon bringing the I/O configuration into the product system, the signals are soft marshalled automatically, no mapping is required. Any conflicts or missing I/O allocations are reported via the signal overview display and/or the Ethernet I/O Wizard and quickly corrected. The ABB process automation system is now ready for commissioning.

The steps above are performed in the field while the application code is being configured and checked by simulating hardware at ABBs or the system integrators premises. Select IO and System 800xAs engineering tools promote the decoupling of tasks and allow two independent teams to work in parallel and bound together with precision and efficiency.

The impact of changes during the ABB process automation project and commissioning time can thus be significantly reduced. Overall, Select IO, aided by System 800xAs engineering tools, helps meet the ultimate objective, which is to remove process automation from the critical path of capital projects. With this solution, there are fewer surprises, fewer change orders, earlier commissioning of projects and happier owner-operators.

Visit the ABB Website to learn more about ABB process automation projects and products. For ABB process automation engineering quotes, contact Precision Electric.


Article originally published by Alicia Dubay
ABB Industrial Automation, Control Tech.
in the ABB Tech Review publication

Difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 adjustable speed drives

The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000? Many Eaton customers call or email asking “what is the difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000?” There is only a small difference between the two drives other than a letter and the price. The difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000 is that the SPX9000 is used for applications with speed feedback and the SVX9000 is used on general purpose applications that do not need speed feedback.

Eaton’s SVX9000 adjustable frequency drive has sensorless vector control technology coupled with an adaptive motor model and sophisticated ASIC circuit. Sensorless vector technology allows for steady speed error, fast torque rise time, high immunity to resonance vibrations and high starting torque and current. The SVX9000 is suitable for multiple motor drive systems and high-speed applications.

The SVX9000 Series Adjustable Frequency Drives are specifically engineered for todays commercial and industrial applications. These drives continue the tradition of robust performance, and raise the bar on features and functionality, ensuring the best solution at the right price. SVX9000Features include: Startup Wizard, seven built-in applications, local/remote button, modular design, text display, and the following:

  • Ease of use:Startup Wizard, seven built-in applications, local/remote button, modular design, text display
  • Space-saving design:Compact design, open NEMA12 option, onboard I/O expansion provisions
  • Efficiency:Built-in 3% line reactor, EMI/RFI filter standard
  • Rugged and reliable:High overload (CT) and low overload (VT) rated, robust time-proven design, durable metal power section, brake chopper circuit.

SPX9000: difference between Eaton SVX9000 and SPX9000

Eaton’s SPX9000 drives are designed specifically for high-performance applications. They feature high processing power and the ability to use information from an encoder or a resolver to provide precise motor control. In addition, a fast microprocessor provides high dynamic performance for applications where good motor handling and reliability are required.

  • Sensorless vector and simple frequency control are supported.
  • The drives can be used in both open loop applications and in applications that require encoder feedback.
  • The SPX9000 supports fast drive-to-drive communication and an integrated data logger functionality.
  • Simultaneous fast monitoring of several drives can be done using the 9000X drive tool and CAN communications.

The main difference from the two products is that the SPX9000 can run motors with speed feedback (i.e. encoder or tachometer). The SVX9000 does not have the ability to run a motor with speed feedback. So if the application requires speed feedback, SPX9000 is the solution. If no speed feedback is needed, the SVX9000 is the solution.

To learn more about Eaton drives, visit the Eaton Website. For Eaton Repair and Replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

ABB ACS850 Reaches End of Lifecycle – Now replaced with ACS880

ABB ACS850 drives have reached the end of their lifecycle. ABB is offering a last time buy option on the ABB ACS850 before they transition over to Classic products. The last time buy option for frames A D is October 20, 2017. ABBACS850 drives will make the transition from ACTIVE products to CLASSIC products on December 31, 2017; deliveries will also stop at this time.

After October 20, 2017 spare ACS850 drives will not be offered for sale from ABB. If you want spare ACS850 drives, place your orders with Precision Electric by October 20, 2017. Standard warranty applies for ACS850 orders; replacement drives and spare parts will continue to be made available during the warranty period. Starting January 1, 2018 the ACS850 will transition to Classic lifecycle phase at which time spare parts will be available through classic lifecycle phase.

The following cross reference info is for switching from the ACS850 to the ACS880:

  • ACS850 Frames A Dcan be replaced with ACS880-01/M04. The table below can be used for common cross references from the ACS850 to ACS880. The table should only be used as a guide. Application and installation requirements should be verified prior to replacing ACS850 with ACS880.

ACS850 (Frames A D) crossover table to ACS880.This table should only be used as a guideline. Application and installation requirements should be confirmed including motor current rating and mounting dimensions. Heavy duty current ratings (Ild) were used in the table below.

ACS850 ProductACS880-M04 ProductACS880-01 Product
ACS850 ProductACS880-M04 ProductACS880-01 Product

* can be downsized for Ld loads
^ need to be upsized for Ld loads

If you need to replace any of the above ACS850 drives but youre unsure which product to cross over to, contact Precision Electric and we will spec the drive for you. To purchase ACS850 replacements, contact Precision Electric today. If you need repair services on an ABB ACS850 drives, contact Precision Electric for return instructions or start your repairhere.

For more information on the ACS850 and ACS880, contact Precision Electric or visit the ABB Website. For ABB ACS850 repair quotes or replacement quotes, contact Precision Electric.

Lenze M850 Servo Motors

Lenze M850 Servo Motors: U.S. manufacturer releases new servo product

Lenze M850 servo motors are now available!Last week the US-Based, Global manufacturer, Lenze, announced the release of the new Lenze M850 servo motors. This product has moderately dynamic responsiveness in the upper power range. The Lenze M850 servo motors run efficiently, are compact, and easy to control. They are especially suitable for positioning tasks that are needed in packaging and material handling systems.

The Lenze M850 servo motors meet the requirements of high-end applications where maximum dynamic responsiveness and precision are required. With that in mind, the M850 series is especially suitable for positioning tasks in packaging, robotics, and material handling applications where a high degree of quiet, smooth operation is required.

The housing of the Lenze M850 servo motors is smooth and has easy-to-clean surfaces making them also suitable for many applications in the Food Industry. The Lenze M850 servo motors are equipped with a robust resolver feedback system as a standard feature, but, can also be supplied with multi-turn sin/cos encoders for high precision applications.Lenze M850 servo motors are used in conjunction with the following Lenze servo inverters: i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine. Pairing the M850 servo motor with a Lenze servo inverter provides high-performance solutions for applications in the torque range of 5.30 in-lbs to 1,770 in-lbs.

Lenze Americas offers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from one single source. Precision Electric offers a complete line of industrial services under one 32,000 square foot building: from motor and drive integration, custom retrofit engineering & installation, control panel engineering & manufacturing, to onsite service repair and in-house drive and motor repair services through 2,000 HP.

Precision Electric has been working with Lenze for more than 30 years.We support the customer throughout the entire machine development process: From the initial idea to the control system and drive shaft to onsite installation, after-sales support, and preventative maintenance.

Call or email Precision Electric for Lenze servorepair and replacement quotes.


ABB Inventory Count haltsVFD shipments on new & pending orders

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