What is an HMI

What is an HMIA human-machine interface (known as an HMI) is an industrial electronics product that’s used to interact the operation and control between humans and machines. An HMI provides feedback from the industrial machine to the end user which helps the user make changes so that the machine is more effective in production. An HMI can also provide a way to control, manage, monitor and visually operation processes during production.HMI’s are used in all sorts of production applications across the world; but are extremely popular in heavy machinery, robotics, process controls, ergonomics, PLC and other related applications.

An industrial HMI systems processing power determines it’s usability and its ability torender complex screens. An HMI’s fastresponse time to user input and exibility tohandle multiple levels of operator interactions is also determined upon the processing power within the HMI.HMI’s require dynamically changing graphics that require a high-performance solution that can achieve the 60 frame per second refresh rate that’s required at the rightresolution. HMI’s also have to support multipleconnectivity and communications protocols tocommunicate between the operator and variousmachines and control systems.

HMI’s range from simple displays to high resolution LCD panels and can be mounted on the machine, portable handheld devices, and also in centralized control cabinets. HMI’s are used in machine and process control to connect sensors, actuators and machines on the plant oor to I/O control and PLC systems. An operator control cabinet allows an HMI operator to interact with the machine in a visual way. With controls and read-outs graphically displayed on the screen, the HMI user can use either external buttons or atouch screen to control the industrial machine it’s connected to.






ABB AC500-eCo PLCThe ABB AC500-eCo is a powerful PLC system that features a 128 kB user memory coupled with a fast CPU offering program processing times of 0.1 microseconds per instruction. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC offers all of the advantages as the AC500 PLC plus an impressive set of programming features. The family of ABB AC500 products uses a common programming system so they are all easy to learn and configure. ABB’s advanced simulation mode allows programs to be debugged without the need for PLC hardware, which reduces on-site testing requirements. ABB’s user-configurable I/O systems makes flexibility for being able to make decisions and modifications up the the last minute.

The ABB AC500-eCo PLC entry-level products are designed for integration into the broader ABB AC500 PLC family to provide assurance of knowing that the system is able to grow with customer needs. The AC500-eCo offers individually customized solutions to be created by using S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules in combination with AC500-eCo CPU’s for smaller stand-alone applications; and the AC500 CPU’s for middle and high-end applications.The ABB AC500-eCo PLC uses deductible terminals and the I/O modules can be fitted to DIN rail mounting which makes pre-wiring possible and installation made easy. The ABB AC500-eCo has a future oriented design with its slim footprint, rapid andsecure cabling options and integrated diagnostic / monitoringindicators to integrate perfectly into PLC applications. The ABB AC500-eCo supports a secure connection to the system bus to ensure by means of sturdy, laterally integrated plugs.


ABB engineers designed the AC500-eCo PLC with multiple forms of communication such as Modbus master/slave, CS31 and a CPU with onboard Ethernet. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC comes with an easily integrated serial interface parameterized as a Modbus master/slave or CS31 for an easy way to exchange data. The ABB AC500-eCo PLC also comes with a second serial interface and an SD card holder can optionally be attached; allowing for the best possibility of having a total of two serial ports available for communication and programming. To learn more about the ABB AC500-eCo PLC, or to download literature and technical documentation, visit the ABB Website.




Difference Between AC and DC Motors

Lenze Americas

Lenze AmericasLenze Americas is a USA-based, global company who specializes in developing motion control solutions that aims to meet ambitious performance and productivity goals. Lenze Americas has a complete line of ultra-efficient general-purposes variable speed drives, an innovative amplifier servo line, sophisticated servo automation systems and robustly engineered gear motors and mechanical components.

Lenze Americas has a wide, cross-industry group of customers that includes manufacturers of pharmaceutical, food and beverage packing equipment, new product designers, system integrators, engineering consultants, plant managers, installers and end-users of HVAC equipment. Lenze Americas customers engage in demanding applications whose expectations from their suppliers is unyielding; reliability must be taken for granted and responsiveness is non-negotiable.Lenze Americas products are not created in a vacuum; they are developed to respond to customers real needs and to support customers real opportunities.

Lenze Americas Products

Lenze Americas drive and automation technology is used in a wide variety of industries including materials handling, packaging industry, robotics and automotive. Lenze Americas products are carefully coordinated and matched and can be combined as required to provide the right solution for your needs. Lenze Americas automation solutions with integrated software and system engineering and a global customer service network complete the offer. Lenze Americas reliability combines with the quality of their products and services to enable Lenze Americas aim to increase the productivity of their customers in mechanical engineering and that of machine operators.

Lenze America variable frequency drives are used for electronic speed control of AC induction motors. The needs of the market are wide and varied, and we offer a broad range of standard products for everything from simple speed control to complex; each with a wide range of functionality, small physical size and exceptional performance. Lenze Americas variable frequency drives are reliable, flexible to apply, easy to commission, and meet the highest standards of quality. Lenze Americas provide solutions to fulfill nearly any variable frequency drive requirement in the power range between 0.25 kW and 400 kW.

For advanced control technology in the field of industrial automation, Lenze Americas servo drives offer flexible single-axis controller applications, precision torque and velocity control applications. Lenze Americas servo driveproducts range in power from less than 1 kW up to 370 kW for both synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Lenze Americas servo drives easy to use Windows based application software allows you to define your motion applications and provides excellent diagnostic tools for completing your design.

Lenze Americas also manufactures gearboxes, gear motors, servo motors, three phase AC motors, controller-based automation systems, clutches and brakes. To learn more about Lenze Americas or to download technical manuals and other documentation, please visit the Lenze Americas Website.


The ABB CP600HMI is designed to be interfaced with the ABB AC500 PLC. The ABB CP600 is ABBs latest HMI, and is now available in a broader range, from the entry level (4.3) to the high-end panel (15). The ABB CP600 HMI is highly flexible and is specifically designed for advanced applications in complex systems or processes. ABB CP600 HMI uses premium graphic panels created with either the PB610 engineering software or the web browser panels via the PLC web server. The ABB CP600 HMI series gives better information representation to ease human-machine interaction.


Engineering software for the ABB CP600 HMI is based on XML technology, enabling you to create easy intuitive graphics. ABB CP600 HMI visual objectsare created with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are totally independent of the operating system, providing high customization flexibility and easy integration with your automation system. The ABB CP600 HMI allows for easy creation of dynamic objects with configurable properties, the ability to interconnect objects, transformation or easy resizing and, quite simply, getting the most out of your creative design.

Additional Features

Additional features of the CP600 Series:
Data acquisition and trend presentation
64k Colors
User memory RAM 128 MB Flash Disk & 256 MB DDR
Recipe data storage
Multilanguage applications
Powerful macro editor using Java script based on standard
ECMA-262 execute widgets and pages events to get more
Alarms and historical alarm list
Eight level password protection
Report printing to serial printer
Vector graphic capabilities including the support of multiple
layers and object transparency
Data display in numerical, text, bargraph, analog gauges and
graphic image formats. Dynamic object properties supported
RSS feeds, rotating menu, scheduler.

Additional information and instruction manuals can be downloaded at the ABB Website.





AC Tech MC Series Drive Manual

Download the AC Tech MC Series Drive Manual. Additional literature and documentation for the AC Tech MC Series variable speed drives can be downloaded from theLenze Americas Website.



AC Tech SCF Series Manual

Download the AC Tech SCF Series Manual. Additional literature and documentation for the AC Tech SCF Series variable speed drive can be downloaded from the Lenze Americas Website.




ABB AC500 PLCMost downtime is caused by either human error or device malfunction, which can be avoided with the right solution. Using dual CPU’s helps negate the risk of total system failure, thus enhancing system availability. If the retention of critical data and the avoidance of downtime are important to an application, the ABB AC500 PLC is an ideal solution for the application. The ABB AC500 PLC is a greater resource with no downtime in hardware / software failure with the double CPU’s it offers and communication fieldbus CS31. The ABB AC500 PLC is cost efficient and is easy on system maintenance through the use of standard hardware.

Communication with the ABB AC500 PLC is flexible, real time capability and the highest possible data transmission speed on automation systems. ABB developed a communication platform for the ABB AC500 PLC that offers customer oriented solutions for the most varied communication tasks. Simple network configuration and diagnostic options using the PS501 Control Builder Plus enables fast planning, implementation and commissioning. ABB AC500 PLC supports Profinet I/O , Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, CS31, Modbus RTU, RCOM, Ethernet, Internet and EtherCat.

Encoder Feedback Module

The ABB AC500 PLC offers a scalable CD522 encoder module that offers accuracy and dynamic flexibility for a customized solution. The ABB CD522 encoder module has two independent encoder inputs on board and can be easily configured using the ABB Control Builder software for ten different operation modes and for frequencies up to 300 kHz. The ABB CD522 encoder module can solve counting tasks and offers pulse outputs and integrated inputs, making it capable of reacting very quickly when receiving inputs directly from the machine. The ABB CD522 encoder module ensures higher productivity and safer operations. ABB CD522 also supports Impulse, Incremental and Absolut interfaces.


The ABB AC500 PLC can be used in an array of applications such as in wind mills, solar trackers, high-volume circuit breaker production, large ships, tunnel automation and traffic control, packaging and printing machines. The ABBAC500 PLC can be combined in three CPU-integrated communication interfaces with up to four different communication couplers. The ABB AC500 PLC can be integrated with the most suitable automation devices into their specific solution. ABB AC500 PLC can also be used in multiple protocol systems for new, demanding applications or simple protocol conversion gateways.To learn more about the ABB AC500 PLC, please visit the ABB Website.





ABB ACS550 VFDThe ABB ACS550 VFD combines a sophisticated microprocessor with an advanced IGBT power switching technology to deliver volts per hertz, close looped flux vector and sensor less vector control of alternating current motors. The ABB ACS550 VFD control panel offers numerous benefits making it the most user-friendly panel out of all variable frequency drives in the industry. The extensive library of pre-programmed applcation macros maximizes convenience and minimizes start-up time. The ABB ACS550 VFD can handle the most demanding industrial applications in an efficient, dependable and economic manner.The ABB ACS500 VFD is mainly used in pump, fan, conveyor, and other related constant torque applications. The ABB ACS550 VFD is ideal for those situations where there is a need for simple installation, commissioning and where custom or special engineering is not required.

ABB ACS550 Packaged Systems

ABB ACS550 VFDThe ABB ACS550-CC is is a complete drive with bypass package that includes an ABB ACS550 VFD, a bypass function that allows the motor to be run at full voltage in the event the drive is shut down for service, a main disconnect means and branch circuit short circuit and ground fault protection. Complete, pre-engineered packaged systems reduce time, effort and the cost of installion the ABB ACS550 VFD bypass option. The ACS550 VFD bypass function is configured entirely of standard industrial control components. The ABB ACS550 VFD bypass package includes two electrically interlocked contactors, a motor overload relay, a control power transformer with primary and secondary fusing, and a cover mounted drive-off bypass selector switch. The ABB ACS550 VFD bypass is accomplished by means of the two contactors. One is the bypass contactor used to connect the motor directly to the power line. The second contactor is the output that disconnects the motor from t he drive output when operating in bypass mode. This prevents the back feeding that would occur if line voltage were applied to the drive output terminals. The ABB ACS550 VFD output contactor and the bypass contactor are electrically interlocked to prevent simultaneous operation.

ACS550 Enclosure Options

ABB ACS550 VFD with bypass packages are available in Nema 1 and Nema 12 enclosures through 100 horsepower in power ratings of 208-230 voltage. ABB ACS550 VFD with bypass packages are also available in Nema 1 and Nema 12 through 400 horsepower at 480 voltage and 150 horsepower at 600 voltage. For outdoor applications, Nema 3R enclosures are sheet steel construction with a tough powder coat paint finish for corrosion resistance and include a 100 watt, thermostatically controlled space heater and thermostatic control of the force ventilated cooling system as a standard. Technical documentation for the ABB ACS550 VFD can be downloaded from the ABB Website.


Lenze ECS Servo Drives

Lenze ECS servo drives are designed with a high overload capacity specifically for multiple axis applications with high dynamics. Lenze ECS servo drives compromises axis modules and power supply modules which can be combined to an optimized unit for multiple axis applications. The control tasks and motion control functions can be split according to the application-specific requirements between a central control system. A high degree of precision is achieved when carrying out multiple axis coordinated movements by transferring synchronized speed and torque set points delivered through the Lenze system bus; with microsecond accuracy at cycle times down to one millisecond. The Lenze ECS servo drives is optimized for gantry systems, robots, packaging machinery or feeding and removal applications in handling technology.

ECS Product Overview

Lenze ECS Servo DrivesLenze’s automation system components and ECS servo drives are simple to setup and offer a complete automation system for coordinated interfaces. Lenze ECS servo drives can achieve high levels of flexibility in their drive configuration through freely programmable ECS axis modules through prepared solution packages. Lenze ECS servo drives displays texts, graphics or touchscreens so they’re safe and easy to operate while monitoring the machine. Lenze offers multiple range of display and operating module options for the ECS servo drives. The integrated development environment optimally integrates display with Lenze ECS servo drives which facilitates project planning for particular applications. All of the Lenze ECS servo drive system components are compatable with Lenze CAN system bus which makes it easier to integrate the system and avoid interface problems. Lenze ECS servo drives also offers a wide range of power-dependent accessories such as mains chokes and EMC filters for noise reduction.

ECS Application Software

Lenze ECS Servo DrivesThe “CamDesigner” is a software tool which makes it easy to create motion control profiles. Lenze ECS servo drive software program allows the user to illustrate and process all motion profiles simultaneously in accordance with the motion plan for all drives in the machine. A great number of manufacturing processes use winding drives to pick up materials produced or to transfer materials for further processing. Program changes can be made at the touch of a
button as different motion profiles can be loaded into the drive controller via the ECS application software. To learn more about the Lenze ECS servo drives, or to download literature pertaining to the Lenze ECS servo drives, please visit the Lenze Website.


Lenze PositionServo 940

Lenze manufactures products for advanced control technology in the field of industrial automation. Lenze produces affordable and flexible products for applications that use single-axis controllers, precision torque, and velocity controls. Lenze products range in power ratings from less than 1 kilowatt through 370 kilowatt and can be used for synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Lenze products use Windows based application software for ease of commissioning and excellent diagnostic tools.Products range in power from less than 1kW up to 370kW for both synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Easy to use Windows based application software allows you to define your motion applications and provides excellent diagnostic tools for completing your design.

PositionServo 940 Features

Lenze PositionServo 940The Lenze PositionServo 940 series drives can be used in every level of industrial applications. From basic torque and velocity control, to fully programmable coordinated motion.Every PositionServo 940 drive ships withMotionViewOnBoard,MotionView; these are the programming, set-up and diagnostic tools. The programming, set-up and diagnostic tools are embedded into the 940 drive and can communicate from any web browser via Ethernet. Communication and networking for the PositionServo 940 are handled over Ethernet as a standard, but the drive can also provide options for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFIBUS and RS-485 Modbus.

The PositionServo 940 can perform along with the most high-level control and drive solutions in the market, and can work in both a centralized or decentralized control setup. By combining a highly efficient servo drive with a flexible, easy-to-use control, the PositionServo is packed with features and performance all for an affordable price. There are 2 different forms of PositionServo; the 940 series is for encoder-based applications and the 941 series is for Resolver-based applications.PositionServo 940 drives are compatiable with the Lenze MCS series servo motors, third party AC permanent magnet synchronous motors and encoder or resolver feedback motors. Lenze Position Servo 940 is certified by UL, cUL and CE. PositionServo940 also features electronic gearing and torque, velocity and position control. PositionServo 940 comes with a Two-Year manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical documentation, product manuals, application notes,MotionViewSoftware, MotionMatchsizing software, and other downloads for the PositionServo 940 product is available on the Lenze Americas website.

Lenze 9400 Servo Drives

Lenze 9400 Servo DrivesLenze 9400 single-axis drives combine mains supply, DC bus and inverter in a single unit. The Lenze 9400 servo drive filter elements and brake chopper are integrated into the drive module; allowing self-sufficient application in distributed control cabinet installations. Lenze 9400 single-axis servo drives come in power ratings from 0.37 kilowatt through 370 kilowatt. Lenze 9400 multi-axis servo drives are designed to be used in compact multi-axis installation environments. Lenze 9400 multi-axis servo drives are proven to reduce material and installation costs by energy exchange via the DC bus; reducing power requirements on the mains side. Lenze 9400 multi-axis servo drives also reduce material and installation costs by sharing the main supply between multiple axes. Lenze 9400 servo drives have a wide operating volt range, are UL Certified and CE Compliant; making them a worldwide product for industry.


Lenze 9400 servo drives are designed with modules that prevent restriced communication in any way. The Lenze 9400 servo drive can be easily connected to optional modules that guarantee adjustment to the drive’s application environment in all situations and allow future standards to be integrated. Lenze 9400 extension module options are as follows:

  • Digital Frequency
  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • Ethernet
  • Powerlink
  • EtherCAT
  • Profibus
  • Profinet

Lenze 9400 servo drive parameters, process data, and application programs can be accessed from any location (remote maintenance) via an Ethernet network or phone line.

Why Choose Lenze?

Lenze 9400 Servo DrivesLenze objective is to constantly manufacture products that successfully handle more tasks in shorter time frames.With Lenze’s motivated and committed approach, they work together with customers to create the best possible solution and set ideas in motion. Lenze works with their customers in every aspect, regardless of whether you are looking to optimize an existing machine or develop a new one.

As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, Lenze offers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source.Lenze is one of the few providers in the market who are alongside their customers for the entire development process of initial ideas to after sales, from the control system all the way to the drive shaft.Learn about Lenze wide range of skills and discover everything you need to know about one of the leading drive and automation specialists in the field of machine engineering.